Citrus Fruit Salad

This Citrus Fruit Salad is delicious and light! The perfect way to keep your New Year’s goals of healthy eating going strong!  Plus, citrus is in season and cheap right now! (And because it’s a thick-skinned fruit you don’t have to feel guilty for not buying organic!)citrus fruit salad This recipe is so incredibly simple! You could also substitute your favorite other citrus like tangelos, oranges, or tangerines if you so desire!

Citrus Fruit Salad


2 bananas

1 grapefruit

5 clementines

1 can of chunk pineapple (save juice)

2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding mix

4 Tablespoons pineapple juice (or orange juice)

1 Tablespoon lemon juice Easy fruit salad


Peel clementines and divide into sections. Place in large bowl. Peel grapefruit and cut into bite-size pieces. Chop banana as well and add to bowl. Drain pineapple, reserving juice and add to other fruit. Stir pudding mix, pineapple juice and lemon juice into fruit until thoroughly mixed. Serve chilled. This looked so pretty all layered nicely in the bowl before I added the other ingredients. Delicious Fruit Salad I would also say that next time I make this I may reduce the amount of grapefruit. The one I got was quite tart and after a few days seemed to overpower some of the other flavors. Not a big deal if you love grapefruit or if you are eating all the fruit salad right away. And some grapefruit are sweeter than others. (Not sure why that is.)  Anyways… Enjoy this healthy citrus fruit salad as a side, snack, dessert or breakfast treat! What is your favorite citrus fruit? I’m OBSESSED with clementines!

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    1. Yes!! Great idea! I brought this to a Christmas party and it went over big. I also brought just plain clementines to our family’s Christmas Eve. 🙂

  1. Do you ever post servings, calories etc? Even if I put this in my fitness pal to determine calories I need amount and size of servings

    1. Hey Amy! There are a few recipes where I have, but unfortunately it is not something that I always have time to do. If I’m recalling correctly, this makes about 3 or 4 1/2 cup servings. The size of your fruit would make a small difference in that. The size of can of pineapple I use is 15 ounces. Hope that helps!

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