Fresh hope awaits...

In a world that can feel really dark--the Bible tells us to have hope.

But how?

How do we claim hope when life is hard--when it seems like we are in an endless cycle of waiting for God to show up, when we are just plain worn out, or when hope feels like wishful thinking.

The Claiming Fresh Hope Bible study will take you on a 4 week journey to understand hope, find hope, and overflow hope to those around you.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You start Bible reading plans, but you never actually finish. You get frustrated and confused and maybe a little bored šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø--what you read just doesn't connect with what's actually going on in your life. You need something simple AND engaging. I feel ya, friend!
  • You want to connect with God, but you never have time. It takes so long to figure out what to read and the Bible study you started a long time ago was pretty intense and you just don't have that kind of time these days.
  • Your faith feels vibrant at church, but stale at home. When you're singing with the band or hearing from your pastor it's easy to feel close to God, but you aren't sure how to recreate that at home on your couch.

I've totally been there too. I had three kiddos in 3.5 years and I thought I didn't have time to breathe, let alone open my Bible to hear from God. But I found a method that helped me connect with God and His Word--going deeper than just reading words on the page.

And some things started to change. I started to look forward to opening my Bible. I even started getting up earlier or sneaking into my Bible study when my kids were napping.

Who had I even become?!? This Bible study method changed me from the inside out and I know it can do the same for you.

Ready for a fresh infusion of hope?


Claiming Fresh Hope

A 4 week guided Bible study unleashing hope for both your hardest days and ordinary moments.

What sets this Bible study apart?

I created this Bible Study for busy moms trying to grow their faith in the chaos of motherhood. Each feature is just for you.

There are so many amazing tools to engage with God's Word-- reading Scripture passages, writing the Word, reflective journaling, worship, and powerful and practical Bible teaching.

Guided Journal

Write, claim, and reflect on what it means to have hope in Scripture. Together we'll explore Bible passages on...

  • Hope is Waiting
  • Hope is a Refuge
  • Hope is a Person
  • Hope is Overflowing

Video Lessons

Are you ready to really dig into hope in the Bible and learn more about their context, background, and application for your life today? Don't miss as Katie goes behind the scenes with you in these 4 (10-15 minute) videos packed with Biblical truth!

Discussion Questions

Use these relatable and thought provoking questions to get even deeper into the video lessons and discuss with a small group or use as a journaling and reflection exercise for yourself.

Worship Playlist

Music is a powerful way to claim God's promises! The Claiming Fresh Hope worship playlist is a private Spotify playlist with a worship song each day that relates to the Bible verses on hope. This is one of the favorite parts of the study for many!

What other women are saying...

Go Deeper with Video Lessons

Bible Lesson 1: Hope is Waiting

Hope in English may mean wishful thinking, but hope in the Bible--in the Hebrew language is quite different. Join Katie as she unpacks hope as waiting in the Old Testament.

Bible Lesson 2: Hope is a Refuge

Together we explore another Hebrew word for hope meaning a refuge or safe place. We discover how hope is a safety net for us in hard seasons.

Bible Lesson 3: Hope is a Person

Hope is more than just a feeling or a wish--hope is a person. Jesus embodied hope for us and through Him we can have lasting hope.

Bible Lesson 2: Hope is a Overflowing

In our final week we unpack understanding hope in the New Testament. We see how hope changes us and how God designs it to be a continuous overflow from us to a hurting world.

Bonus - Printable Verse Cards

All 30 of the Promises of God from the Claiming the Promises of God Bible Study in a printable, portable verse cards perfect for keeping these promises top of your mind. 

Each one has a promise of God AND the verse in Scripture that goes along with it. Print them out and keep them with you where you can seem them everyday to stay encouraged in your faith!

Use this tool to help you memorize and meditate on the promises of God in a beautiful way. You can print them out and laminate them and place them on a ring for easy access all day long.



Is Claiming Fresh Hope for you?

You'll LOVE this if:

  • You're overwhelmed when you think about what to read in your Bible.
  • You're a busy mama who needs a quick Bible study that FILLS you spiritually.
  • Traditional Bible studies sometimes seem boring to you.

This isn't for you if:

  • You want to read someone else's words about the Bible.
  • You are looking for a seminary-grade Bible study program.
  • You aren't looking for ways to apply the Bible to your life.

What other women are saying...

Meet Katie - Your Bible Teacher

Hi there! I'm a writer, online content creator, and speaker who empowers women to chase vibrance in the everyday moments of life.

I have a BA in Biblical Counseling and I'm passionate about combining the grace and truth of the gospel. I'm a true Bible nerd and find joy in researching Hebrew and Greek words, historical context, and literary devices used in Scripture. More than that, I'm devoted to the simple and practical ways the Bible touches modern life--from how to speak to our kids, to how to interact on social media, to the stories we speak over ourselves.

I'm a mom of three wild and wonderful kiddos and I'm striving to serve and love my family well without losing my sanity. I make my home in small-town Indiana with my husband, Nate, a worship pastor.

You May Be Wondering...

How do I access the Bible Study? 

You access to the downloadable PDF Bible study, links to the recorded workshop, the playlist and Bible teaching videos in an easy-to-access online platform called Teachable! It's super user-friendly and a great way to access all the Bible study content in one spot!

Is this a Christmas or Advent Bible study?  

It is not a themed Advent Bible study! Each verse centers around hope though so it is perfectly appropriate for Advent. I do share some illustrations about the Christmas season in the Bible teaching videos as well.

How much does the Claiming Fresh Hope Bible Study cost? 

The study is regularly priced at $37. This includes a beautiful guided journal, introductory workshop, worship playlist and four inductive Bible study lessons.

How long will the study take each day?

That kind of depends on you! But each of the days should take no more than 15 minutes including listening to the playlist song choice.

Can I do this study with my Moms group, small group etc.? 

Absolutely!! Each study is designed to be used by one person, and it is a great study to work through with members of your in-person community! The copyright license on the study is for individual use. Please do not make copies and distribute; this is a copyright violation and hurts my dad-gum heart. 

If you are interested in purchasing a copyright to distribute the videos and materials to a group please contact

Do I have to be a Baptist (Calvinist, Charismatic, certain-type of Christian to participate)?

Nope! We are reading and writing out verses about hope in the Bible. This study is non-denominational, but intended for people who are already followers of God. If you are new to faith or have been a follower of Jesus for a long time, you will benefit from this study.

What if Iā€™m an atheist? What if Iā€™m just curious about faith? 

Any respectful and kind person is welcome to learn and grow in through this study!

Ready for a fresh vision of hope in your life?

Grow your faith with the Claiming Fresh Hope Bible Study.

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the 30 Days to Claiming the Promises of God Bible Study.

  • 4 deep dive Bible study video lessons - $15
  • 26 page guided Bible study journal - $15
  • Access to exclusive Worship Playlist - $6
  • BONUS: Claiming the Promises Verse Cards - $10 Value

Total value: $46

Regular price: $37

Today's price: $25