College Football Workout

It’s college football season!!! Between my Notre Dame fighting Irish and Nate’s Crimson Tide we watch a LOT of college football in the fall! Things got pretty heated in that championship a few years ago, but we’re still friends. 😉 We went to a ND game together when we lived in Texas actually and I promised Nate we would get to an Alabama game…but it has yet to happen–but it will, I promise, babe!

My husband in a ND shirt–only once!

All that watching can translate into a lot of sitting so I thought it would be fun to make up a fun College Football Workout to do to keep me active during the game (s)!  And I thought I would share it with you all! 

Remember, I am NOT a personal trainer or doctor or anything but a regular gal who put some of her favorite workout moves together.

College Football Workout

Aim to do the workout through one whole quarter. Once a new play occurs move on to those exercises. (So if a player loses a helmet and you’re doing your dips and then it pans to  shot of the campus switch immediately to squats without completing all 10 dips.) Rest during commercials. Do more than one quarter if you feel like it!

Hope you have fun with this workout–if you try it let me know how it goes! I’ll be praying for no returns for touchdowns! Haha! I’m sure it could work for NFL games too, if you’re more into the NFL…but college football is better.  Obviously.

At a Western Michigan game last fall! Go Broncos!

Do you watch college football? What’s your favorite sports team? 

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I am a Rutgers season ticket holder so my bf and I have been to every game, well since college, but for the past 5 years after college 🙂
    Rutgers is playing Penn State on Saturday which I’m so pumped for. I really hope we win!!

  2. As I recall, the promise was to go to a Bama game within a year or two or getting married… -_-

    We should just plan on going to the national title game in Januaray in Dallas, since Bama will probably be playing… 😉

  3. Can’t believe it’s college football time again!!! This year is FLYING by! I am a TN fan by default, and because it’s my home state, but I’m currently morphing into an AR Razorbacks fan with my husband 🙂

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