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I decided to take a little aside today and talk about art and decorating! Did you know I studied Interior Design for a whole year in college!? I know, I know, I practically have my own HGTV show. Haha!

One thing I did learn from that year/decorating magazines/HGTV is that you want to mix textures and mediums while still having a unifying theme that pulls the art together and helps it “speak” to each other. Since we live near a lake (not waterfront, but a stone’s throw from it) I wanted to incorporate the cottage vibe in mostly cool tones as a unifying theme; so lakehouse, but not overt. Wood and fabric elements add texture to the look, as does a mixture of typography, oil and watercolor works.

Hope these pieces inspire you to fill your home with beautiful and meaningful things!

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Cottage Style Art - Cottage Style - Farmhouse Style - Farmhouse Art

  1. Mornings Away – This is the “theme piece” of our new living room. I adore the color and movement, it just makes me feel calm and I could stare at it all day. I love it so and it also make me happy that the artist is from Greenville, SC where I went to college.
  2.  Come Thou Fount Sign – Although a well placed gallery wall is awesome, I am really digging larger scale art like this graphic signs with one of my all-time favorite hymns.
  3. Woven Wall Hanging – To be honest, this is a bit of a risk for me, but I like it. I visit it when I go to Target, so I think I just need to bite the bullet and bring ‘er home. I love the cozy texture and interest it would bring to a room.
  4. Welcome or Gather Wood Cut Sign – This sign is such a great statement piece! We picked up this sweet sign in the large Welcome version from Feather and Birch at The Found Cottage in Hudsonville. But have no fear, if you aren’t local you can shop on Etsy!
  5. Blue Fish – This adorable piece is from one of the children’s collections on Minted (so great that they piece it all together for you!) and I cannot say no to that sweet little bear. I must have this for Barrett and new baby’s room!
  6. Lattice Wood Square – A pair of these lattice wood squares hung vertically would be perfect to add some architectural interest and wood tones to our home. I like that they also subtly remind me of a quilt pattern.
  7. Feather Freedom Print – “Because of Your Great Love, I am Free” I like hanging Scripture in my home to remind myself over and over of the truth I know.
  8. News Flash – I can just see a little 5×7 of this print tucked on a shelf in a living room, dining space, or playroom. It’s bold and fun without being overbearing, like the perfect dinner guest. Also, it comes in 5 color combos!
  9. Blue Bottles – Another artist I fell in love with while browsing at The Found Cottage is Hollyhocks and Hydrangeas. I love this piece because I have an antique bottle collection and I love the white flowers paired with the turquoise bottles. She has originals at the shop, but you can get gorgeous prints online–I also am kind of digging the cow prints!

It’s so fun to put together this cottage style art collection! It’s SO worthwhile to save up for an original or unique piece of art versus just grabbing whatever $20 thing catches my eye and trying to find the “perfect spot” for it when in fact, it doesn’t work well in the room or my house as a whole. So I’m trying to let go of the cheap, “filler” pieces and fill my home with art that I “can’t get out of my head LOVE” and is meaningful to me.

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How do you choose art for your home? Any favorite original artists or sources? 

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