Country Living Fair Recap

Our girls weekend at the Country Living Fair was great, per usual! If you haven’t spent much time in Columbus, Ohio, I would encourage you to check it out! It has been a fun spot for our girls weekend, but I also think it would be an amazing family vacation or weekend getaway–their zoo is outstanding!

Friday morning my mom and I left bright and early to pick up my sister in Toledo. She had just gotten back from a long business trip to Baltimore. We picked her up and continued on to Columbus. Unfortunately my mom didn’t feel good during the drive, but we thought she would perk up once we got to the fair.


We got there about 1:00 and spent the next few hours checking out some of our favorite spots at the fair. It was soo hot! Last year both days were cool and we stopped a few times for water and to cool off in a building with air conditioning. My mom still wasn’t feeling good so we decided to leave the fair early. Unfortunately there was weekend traffic already so the trip to the hotel was rough. Then we checked in and all took naps! Yes!

Then we went to Westerville’s downtown area and met my friend Cassie and her husband for dinner at a Greek restaurant. I had the spicy gyro and it was delicious! The hummus was also killer. Afterwards we went back to their place and hung out for a couple hours, just relaxing and catching up.

The next day my mom was thankfully feeling better and we were ready to take on the fair! Getting in was a HUGE pain and honestly quite disorganized, but once we were in we were ready to shop!






The Country Living Fair has lots of unique things, antiques, handcrafted items, and rustic decor. I didn’t have anything really in mind that I wanted, but I did manage to leave the fair with a cute little candle in glassware and a celestial map that I want to use in our dining room.

country living fair

After the fair it was naptime again. 😉 Then we went to Easton aka the mall-town. They have so many amazing shops! It was fun and I walked away with purchases at both Anthropologie and The American Girl Store. We also ate at California Pizza Company. I have had their frozen pizzas before so we wanted to try out the restaurant. Talk about some amazing food! We got an appetizer of spinach-artichoke dip and it was my favorite food of the whole weekend. Soo good! Then we split two pizzas, a meat and mushroom hand tossed and a gluten free barbecue chicken thin crust. All their gluten free food is prepared in a completely seperate space, which is awesome.  Here was our total haul for the shopping weekend.

shopping haul

My section is the little one in the middle. And don’t tell Layla about that thing in the middle. 😀 😀 It’s her Christmas present. Sunday morning we woke up and drove home. I was definitely ready to be back home with my people!

Nate and Layla

I was also starting to get a cold which turned into a full-fledged cold by that evening. Ugh! So yes, your Monday morning post did not happen at all.

Monday involved morning Bible study, more napping and hot tea (my #1 cure for a cold), and grocery shopping because we literally had nothing in the house to eat. We came home and ate mac and cheese and chicken strips because mama had nothing else in her. 😛 Yup, that’s how the shiz goes down sometime here. I’m feeling a littel more together as I type this tonight, but it was one of those days you just have to allow yourself grace.


Beautiful. Anyways…hope you’ve had a great weekend/start to your week.

What’s your favorite type of store to shop at? 

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