Country Living Fair Weekend

We had the best time at the Country Living Fair! Will most likely be making it an annual occurrence!

Friday morning my mom and I drove down to Columbus together. We got to the fair around 1:00.  There was SO much stuff to look at but we sort of made a beeline for the food since we were hungry! We met up with some friends from my mom’s church who were also at the fair for lunch.

Country Living fair

After a mediocre lunch we headed out to do some SHOPPING! There were tons of craftsman, vintage booths, antiques, artisans—like a huge, in person, Etsy shopping experience!

mother daughter shoppingThe first day my  mom and I went through maybe a quarter of the shops and did a lot of “scouting”. We didn’t want to buy anything right away because there was so much to see! We left at 5:00 and met up with my younger brother and sister at their school and to spend the night at my sister’s place.


We got up bright and early to get to the fair right when it opened on Saturday. We spent all morning going through shops and finding so many cool things! What I thought was neat is that my mom, sister and I all have similar, but pretty different styles and we all found stuff we loved!

nursery decor

I found some cute stuff for our future nursery! The cards above were old reading flashcards from a Catholic school! And tons of new crafty hobby ideas! It was neat to see some of the things that people were selling and then I’d think to myself “Hey! I could do that!”

college friends

I was also super excited that my college bestie Cassie who lives in Columbus came out and we hung out shopping all afternoon. It’s nice when you just pick back up again like a day hasn’t passed!


Overall we had a great time! We went for two days and we didn’t see everything! There were also workshops and book signings going on, but we skipped those and focused on scouring for cute deals! Would love to go back next year—I’ll have to be saving my pennies until then!

What is your decorating style? I would say mine is a hybrid of country (I like antiques and lived in things), modern (I like clean lines and styles), and classic (I like uncluttered and symmetry)—I guess you’d have to come to my house to see what it is like. Smile

Have you ever been to the Country Living Fair or would you ever like to go?

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  1. It was so fun!! And I’m enjoying every one of my purchases! Remember when I said I wish I’d gotten the smaller papermaker? Well, after 8 sheets of super cute paper, I’m glad I got the bigger one. And any time spent with my daughters is time well spent!! I think we should certainly make it an annual event!

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