Creating Positive Chain Reactions and Weight Watchers Week 6

Weight Watchers Week 6 for me seemed like a very typical WW week…I tracked, I worked out, I treated myself (and tracked it) and just did it. Overall this is one of those weeks that reminds me why this works. It is great at teaching flexibility and long term principles of healthy eating. Yes, you can have fro-yo and lose weight! You just can’t have fro-you every day. (If only!!)

Weight Watchers Week 6

I was really pleased with my 1 pound loss.  And I did the most activity points I have to date–thanks to all that running I’ve been up to this week! I used 37 weekly points (so a little more than I would have liked) and earned 20 activity points! I’ve been running outside this week and loving it! I even love the hills and that is not like me!


This week during the meeting we talked about positive chain reactions. I think we’ve all been in a situation of negative chain reactions…

You’re at a party, you tell yourself you’ll just have a little cake, then you have a full piece and punch and ice cream, and you take home a bag of candy which you eat on the car ride home. #beenthere

So how can you take that negative chain reaction and turn it into something positive or at least something that doesn’t derail your healthy living goals?

Creating Positive Chain reactions

  • Identify the choices you made:
    • Did you buy the cake?
    • Did you hit snooze 20 times?
    • Did you eat your feelings instead of feeling them?
  • Go back and outline what healthy steps you could have taken:
    • Skipped the bakery aisle; do not buy cake. Or buy just one slice of cake (I’ve seriously done this before!) if you really want to treat yourself to cake.
    • Go to bed earlier. Plan an exercise activity you enjoy. Get your butt up.
    • Get okay with feeling your “bad” feelings like stress, anger, frustration, and sadness. Develop some healthy coping skills like journaling, watching a movie that fits your mood, taking a walk, talking with a sympathetic friend.

Tips for developing a morning and evening routine

  • Plan ahead for the next potential negative chain reaction, implementing the types of choices that will help you achieve your goals. For example if you’re tempted to overeat in social situations before a party you could:
    • Focus on eating very healthy with few treats leading up to the party. (For me, no using weekly points allowance until the day of the party.)
    • Workout earlier in the day.
    • Eat a healthy snack before arriving.
    • Aim to drink 3 glasses of water while at the party.
    • Eat your veggies first!
    • Don’t be swayed by social pressure to eat. I like to say “That just doesnt look good to me right now.” or change the subject to child rearing topics, everyone is just overflowing with expert advice. (<<<sarcasm)
  • Know that no matter what choice you make, every second is a chance to start over.

[tweetthis]”No matter what choice you make, every second is a chance to start over.” #FitFluential [/tweetthis]

I hope that you too are having great progress towards your healthy living goals this week, no matter what they are! Keep doing your thing!  Own your mistakes and don’t let a bad day hold you back. Plan a positive chain reaction today.

What negative chain reactions have you seen yourself get sucked into recently? How do you plan to create a positive chain reaction? 

What is one healthy living goal you’re currently working toward? 

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As always, thanks for reading! I appreciate you!

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    1. Yes! I’ve been making a cup of hot tea when I’m bored (usually at night) or going to bed. Napping is a great solution to boredom. Haha!

  1. You’re doing great and you shared some great tips. I totally agree that things we do and choices we make create momentum, good or bad. When I drag sweets into the house, rest assured I’ll eat them with no off switch. I’m better off not starting. I’m a habitual boredom eater too.

    1. Yes! I think momentum is so key and good momentum takes plan or at least a little forethought for me. Gah! Boredom is my trigger too! I’m like, “I’m so bored I should eat this whole sleeve of crackers!” #theworst

    1. Absolutely! You are constantly resetting so a bad choice doesn’t have to “own” you. True for healthy living but so many other things as well. 🙂

    1. Stress eating is big for me or rather that eating your feelings instead of feeling them. It’s just kind of a natural reaction, and relearning it is hard. And an apple when your stressed is not nearly as satisfying as a brownie. 😛 One day at a time, like you said.

  2. Congrats on your progress! I’m doing Weight Watchers as well…LOVE IT!!! I have sooo fallen into the negative chain reaction and I’m working on creating positive chains. I’m avoiding the trigger foods…I had a slice a cake a few weeks ago at a birthday dinner that totally sent me into wanting MORE sweats…and of course…I gave in. I working on eliminating junk and sweats from my diet all together because I’m trying to focus on losing FAT and gaining muscle…and becoming healthier all the way around. Best wishes on your journey.

    1. Thank you! I think keeping trigger foods out of the house is huge for me! Which is why I’d rather go out for fro-you than buy a gallon of ice cream. Good job for cutting out sweets and junk–it’s hard but well worth it!

  3. Great tips! I’ve definitely been guilty of eating something unhealthy and then saying F it, might as well eat this or that too. Ugh. I fell off the WW wagon but really need to get back on. I’ve been eating whatever and just feel disgusting. Re-starting on Monday!

  4. Great suggestions! I struggle with the “allowing yourself to feel emotions” part. Typically I try and run or do something to “get rid” of the feelings, instead of work through them. It’s always a great reminder that there are better options!

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