Curves Ahead

“If only life came with road signs. Often the curves come and I chafe against them wanting to get to my destination faster, more efficiently. When in fact God has planned these curves for me. Instead of rushing through I can look up and enjoy the lingering beauty the curves let me experience.”

curves ahead

We all experience “curves” in life: loss of job, betrayal of trust, loneliness, financial pressure, tough decisions, new commitments–even good things like a new job, new home, new baby can be a “curve” we aren’t ready for. In those situations my natural inclination is to tighten up the ship, grit my teeth, and get through it as quickly as possible.

But, I can also choose to see the curve as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, learn, be stretched…. deepen my faith. I don’t have to “grin and bear it”. I can lean into the curve. 

Enjoy the free fall.

Slow down.

Be present.

Take in life for the messy-beautiful thing that it is.

Enjoying going at baby pace

For me, that means embracing life that revolves around naptimes, changing diapers, and baby feedings. Putting on eyeliner is now a big deal.  But there is so much beauty in this curve–sloppy kisses, baby firsts, snuggles, arms reaching, watching my spouse be an amazing parent.

We’re getting ready to move–a short curve, but a curve none-the-less. And guess what? I’m not stressing over it. It’ll happen. It’ll be a little crazy. We won’t be able to find stuff for awhile. That’s ok. It’s a temporary curve. Might as well get take out and enjoy it.

What “curves” do you have in your life? Do you tend to embrace the curves or rush through?

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