5 DIY Fitness Ideas

I’m not the most crafty person. But I like crafting, even if sometimes it doesn’t go exactly as I plan. There is a really great satisfaction in creating something with your own two hands and saving some money to boot! While there are some areas of fitness you really shouldn’t DIY (running shoes, weight sets, scales) here are five easy DIY fitness ideas you can make in a day!

5 DIY Fitness Ideas - fun ideas to create your own fitness clothing and gear!

  1. DIY Workout Top — This tank is cute and a great way to use up old t-shirts you don’t wear that often and recycle them into a new workout top! The first one I did took a while, but by the second one I definitely went faster and I was able to tailor it more to the fit and style I wanted. My recap of  completing the tank is a fun blast from the past!
  2. DIY Arm Warmers — Arm warmers are great for when you are racing or running on cool mornings. You can strip these off a lot easier than a long-sleeved top and these DIY arm warmers are made from tall socks so no shame or regret in ditching them on a race day.
  3. DIY Water Bottle with drinking prompts — I’m all about keeping my water intake high and it’s genius to put it on your water bottle! You can go the easy way and use a permanent marker to make fun reminders or go all crafty and use a Cricut!
  4. DIY Athletic Headband — This fashionable headband is thick and keeps flyaways and bangs at bay while getting your sweat on! It does involve sewing, but just in straight lines–which is about all I can handle!
  5. 3 in 1 Plyo Box — If you are looking to upgrade your home gym and have (or know someone with) some handy skills creating this Plyo box may be for you! This DIY plyo box only costs $35 to make and the smallest and cheapest boxes on Amazon start at double that! You can definitely save some dough by DIYing them yourself.

I really want to give making that headband a try! It’s adorable!  I just need to run out to JoAnns for the stretchy fabric. It could definitely be cute for second day hair as well, this mama is always looking for cute ways to style my hair the second go around.  I’d also love to go through some older t-shirts and make a couple more tanks to have on hand for the warmer months.

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If you’re the creative or do it yourself type these DIY fitness ideas may have sparked some creativity in you too!  What other things could you make on your own? Recycle? Create? Beautify? Although it may take longer it’s fun to create something on your own that has your unique touch on it!

Which of these DIYs could you see yourself making?

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  1. Cute ideas! I laughed when you said no DIY weight sets because my husband has this crazy idea about making his own 100lb Olympic plates out of steel. It would be hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying real ones. I asked him about the sharp edges and he told me to use gloves and don’t drop it on my toes. LoL, boys.

  2. I wish I was crafty! I get so frustrated when things don’t turn out as I envision haha! Maybe I’ll try the DIY arm sleeves though. Might be nice for those chilly race mornings when you don’t want to do a bag check 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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