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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Use these fun Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers to make your Easter celebration extra joyful! I love any opportunity to bless my little ones with fun toys, books, and activities that will help them learn, grow and play together!!

Updated February 2020

Easter basket ideas for toddlers

Spring is slowly creeping in on us here in the midwest. Everyday I hear more birds on our walks, the air is warmer, and the light stays longer. Praise Jesus!

April is going to be such a busy month for us with my husband’s birthday, baby boy turning 1, Easter, 2 showers for my sister’s wedding, finding baby #3 sex and my sister’s bachelorette party! So I’m trying to plan ahead for some things so I can ease my load a little.

One way I like to do that is by shopping ahead for my kids Easter baskets. Barrett will be 1 this Easter and Layla will be 3 so there is definitely some crossover in presents, but there are also some Easter basket ideas that are specific to their ages.

I really don’t like giving candy in their Easter baskets or other sweets. I’ll probably add one or two small treats to Layla’s, but the baby definitely doesn’t need any candy!

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Easter Ideas - Non-candy Easter Baskets

This year I will probably do some of my shopping at my favorite store, Amazon! We have prime shipping so I love that I can browse and shop while my kids are napping, then it all gets delivered to my door later! Here are some of the non-candy things I’m adding to their Easter baskets this year!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small comission if you shop and you pay no extra! See my policies for more info! 

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Remember the basket itself does not have to be any ugly bunny version! Here is a cute wire one that you can actually use somewhere else in your house afterward or for storage in your child’s room! Layla’s Easter basket last year was a similar style to this and she uses it for carrying around her groceries in her play kitchen!

This Easter Bunny Bag is another fun option instead of a traditional basket! Great for kids and it can be personalized and fit a lot of eggs!

bunny bag

Outdoor Gifts for Toddlers

Bubbles are fun for all ages! This bubble blower can produce tons of bubbles for your little one to pop and older preschoolers will enjoy getting to wave all these different styles of big bubble wands!  

I’m also a HUGE fan of a big playground ball for toddlers to play with. They can practice their gross motor skills of kicking and throwing, plus get in some good social skills of sharing and passing! This cute playground ball has adorable patterns, including some sweet spring farm animals!


Clothing Ideas for Easter Baskets for Toddlers

Bows-bows-bows! It IS Easter Sunday after all! I’m digging this unique leather floral bow from Everly Avenue! Layla is getting a floral headband similar to this one from Carters! It perfectly matches her dress!

That’s another pro-mom tip: give your kids their Easter shoes/dress/tie/hair accessories as Easter presents!

For the handsome and discerning young man there are always darling suspenders and bow tie sets! Who says the little girls have all the cute things! There is nothing cuter than a little man all dolled up! Patterned bow ties? Yes please!

baby suspenders

Easter Books for Toddlers

I love buying books for my kids! For my 3 year old I’m going to add The Easter Story to her basket. According to reviews it covers all the important events leading up to Easter in simple language and is not scary, but well explains Jesus death and resurrection.

For my 1 year old we will go with something lighter like the Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs lift-the-flap book. (Love the other versions we already have of this book!)

If you don’t already have it yet, The Jesus Storybook Bible I cannot recommend enough. It is beautifully written, great pictures, age-appropriate, yet spiritually RICH.

books for easter toddler

Art Gifts for Toddlers Easter Baskets

My daughter loves coloring and she especially loves to color with markers. Frankly we don’t trust her with markers anymore, but for Christmas she received a mess-free coloring book and markers and what a game changer! They literally can’t color anywhere but on the special paper! Pricier than normal markers, but worth the peace of mind!

mess free coloring

Easter is a great time to refresh some outdoor toys and nothing provides hours of entertainment than drawing outside with sidewalk chalk! Love this version that is shaped like triangles so they won’t roll away! Genius!

sidewalk chalk

Sweet and Soft Gifts for Toddlers

Finally, I like to round out an Easter basket for a toddler or preschooler with something soft like this precious bunny! Cute and cuddly and perfect for either gender!

stuffed bunny

These sweet adorable birds include so many varieties (robins! chicks! bluebirds!) and they make authentic bird songs. It’s too. much. cuteness.

I love to create holiday memories with my children and for me that includes Easter baskets!

easter egg hunt

While the focus of Easter isn’t on gift-giving (and I prefer to keep things simple on the toy front). I love any opportunity to bless my kids with fun toys, books, and activities that will help them learn, grow and play together.

Even just 2-3 of these little gifts with some faux grass in a little basket you already have will THRILL your little one this Easter!

I hope these Easter basket ideas for toddlers will get your juices flowing as you shop for your little one this spring!

What Easter traditions do you have? Do you like creating Easter baskets for your kids? 

Toddler with basket of easter eggs on bright green grass with text overlay 15 Easter basket ideas for toddlers

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