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40 Non Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Enjoy these fun Easter gift ideas for toddlers to make your Easter celebration extra joyful! I love any opportunity to bless my little ones with fun toys, books, and activities that will help them learn, grow and play together!! No chocolate bunnies or jelly beans needed. 

kids look eagerly at Easter basket with flowers nearby. Large text overlay says "40 non Candy Easter gift ideas for toddlers"

Updated March 2023

Spring is slowly creeping in on us here in the midwest. Everyday I hear more birds on our walks, the air is warmer, and the light stays longer. Praise Jesus!

April is going to be such a busy month for us so I’m trying to plan ahead for some things so I can ease my load a little. One way I like to do that is by shopping ahead for my kids Easter baskets. Barrett will be 1 this Easter and Layla will be 3 so there is definitely some crossover in their toddler-age presents, but there are also some Easter basket ideas that are specific to their ages. It’s so fun to select toys and gifts that they can open on Easter morning.

I generally don’t like giving candy in their Easter baskets or other sweets. Instead I like to fill it up with fun and educational toys that they can enjoy for much longer than the 3 minutes it takes gobble down Easter treats. I’ll probably add one or two small treats to Layla’s, but the baby definitely doesn’t need any candy!

Layla at Easter

This year I will probably do some of my shopping at my favorite store, Amazon! We have prime shipping so I love that I can browse and shop while my kids are napping, then it all gets delivered to my door later! Here are some of the not candy things I’m adding to their Easter baskets this year!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you shop and you pay no extra! See my policies for more info! 

Children in bunny ears and spring pastels reach for eggs in an easter basket text on top says 40 gift ideas for toddlers that aren't candy

The Best Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Easter Basket Ideas

I have been known to completely forget about the actual Easter basket. Hence the year (2020, of course it was!) that the kids used their Halloween buckets.

Three toddlers and preschoolers dressed up for Easter with Halloween buckets for Easter baskets. It' giving 2020--because it was.

Don’t forget to grab one, unless you already have a basket on hand. Remember the basket itself does not have to be traditional!

  • Cute wire one — Love this because you could use it for storage in your child’s room or playroom.
  • Small option — Layla’s Easter basket last year was a similar style to this and she uses it for carrying around her groceries in her play kitchen! It’s on the small side, but still plenty of room, especially if you’re going for just a few items.
  • Traditional Easter basket — Love this cute traditional Easter basket! Roomy and seems sturdy enough to last a few Easters while still being reasonably priced.


Outdoor Gifts for Toddlers

Child runs by bubble machine in the backyard with her dad on a sunny day

Springtime is the perfect time to refresh your outdoor toys!

  • Bubble machine — This is great to produce tons of bubbles for your little one to pop and it’s rechargeable!
  • Bubble wands — Older preschoolers will enjoy getting to wave all these different styles of big bubble wands!  
  • Big playground ball — These are so much fun for toddlers and allow them to practice their gross motor skills of kicking and throwing, plus get in some good social skills of sharing and passing!
  • Textured ball set — These are small (great for splitting up into multiple Easter baskets) and great for indoor or outdoor play! 
  • Water table — This is a larger toy but a wonderful thing to have on hand for warmer days!


Educational Toys for Toddler Easter Gifts

Toddler with brown skin and curly brown hair stacks building blocks in montessori classroom

  • Toddler Flower Pot set — This adorable set from Melissa & Doug is perfect for little hands and learning. 
  • Hide and Squeak Eggs – Instead of plastic Easter eggs that will break easily, these are great for learning colors and fine motor skills.
  • Finger puppets — I’m dead from how cute these are! Great for storytelling, play pretend and fine motor skills. 
  • Wooden Memory Game — Durable and easy to grasp this is a great intro set that can help your child learn animals and animal sounds
  • Primary Lacing Beads — Practice colors, shapes and patterns, plus fine motor skills. (And large motor skills when they use it to make snakes to chase each other with! Just my kids..? Ok!) 
  • Wooden stacking stones — We have a similar set we’ve gotten when our kids were 4ish (it has some smaller pieces) but this wooden stone building set is challenging and allows for open-ended play. small blonde boy plays with rainbow pebbles


Clothing Ideas for Easter Baskets for Toddlers

Your kid’s Easter basket is a great way to refresh your child’s wardrobe for the spring season.

Three cute kids dressed in their Easter finest against a brick background



Easter Books for Toddlers

books for easter toddler

A spring time board book is a perfect Easter basket idea for your toddler!

Christian Easter Books for Toddlers

  • The Easter Story— Covers all the important Christian events leading up to Easter in simple language and is not scary, but well explains Jesus death and resurrection.
  • Good News! It’s Easter — Perfect for toddlers who are busy! With recognizable animals and rhymes, emphasizing the celebration of Easter.
  • Easter Is Coming — We love this padded board book for telling the traditional Easter story. The artwork and repeating words will stick with even the youngest of kids.
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible — I cannot recommend enough. It is beautifully written, great pictures, age-appropriate, yet spiritually RICH. It may be a bit long for little-littles, but older kids will love it and appreciate this for years!
  • For more Gospel-Centered Easter Pictures books check out this great list

Cute Books for Easter and Spring


Art Gifts for Toddlers Easter Baskets

Toddler with messy blonde hair plays with brightly colored sidewalk chalk

Small Toys and Gifts

toddler boy in red shirts holds green water bottle while walking in the woods

  • Stuffed animal –I like to round out an Easter basket for a toddler or preschooler with something soft like this cute plush bunny! There are so many different animals that are cute and cuddly!
  • Fisher Price Little People — My toddlers (especially my daughter) loved her little people! Easy to divide into separate baskets too! 
  • Bath toys – These little boats are beloved by the little hands in our house. And
  • Bath bombs – These make bathtime super fun and don’t stain your tub!
  • Adorable birds — These plush toys include so many varieties (robins! chicks! bluebirds!) and they make authentic bird songs. It’s too. much. cuteness.
  • Sippy cup or Water bottle — A practical gift that never fails to be needed! We have tons of this brand of water bottle and I like that we can interchange the lids!


I love to create holiday memories with my children and for me that includes Easter baskets! While the focus of Easter isn’t on gift-giving (and I prefer to keep things simple on the toy front). I love the opportunity to bless my kids with fun toys, books, and activities that will help them learn, grow and play together.

Even just 2-3 of these little gifts with some faux grass in a little basket you already have will THRILL your little one this Easter! I hope these Easter basket ideas for toddlers will get your juices flowing as you shop for your little one this spring!

No Easter candy needed! (Unless you want it for yourself!)

Collage of young 2 year old with Easter ears reaching for flowers and other small girl in pink sweater cuddling a stuffed bunny with text in between "40 easter gift ideas for 2-3 year olds"

What Easter traditions do you have? Do you like creating Easter baskets for your kids?


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