Easter Weekend Recap

Hello! So I went off the interwebs for the weekend and it was a amazing–action-packed, relaxing, family-filled, great worship, and I could go on…okay here are the highlights…

  • On Friday Nate and I had a couples massage! It was great, just too short! haha!
  • My family got in on Friday evening to spend the weekend here on the lake! IMG_1690
  • We went to Good Friday Service and hung out late talking.
  • On Saturday morning I tackled my longest run to date! 15 miles!  No denying, it was tough, but I pulled through, dug deep, and finished.


  • We spent the afternoon playing games and running around the playground with this lass.


  • There was napping and bowling, game-playing and just lots of hanging out.
  • Then we went off to Easter morning service and a brunch buffet.


  • We fed ducks and cheered on the ice melting!


  • It was a fun weekend and nice to take a break from normal life and just enjoy being with the ones I love the most! Happy Easter!!

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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    1. Oh how nice!! We were in the upper 50s which felt like the 70s after this long winter. Glad you had a great weekend!

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