The 10 Best Workout Hairstyles for Fit Girls

Don’t you hate it when you’re busting it during your workout and your hair is EVERYWHERE! Sweaty, sticky, falling out hair can seriously bum out your workout and stopping to readjust your hair is enough to make anyone get in line for a buzzcut! But there is hope! I have my 10 best workout hairstyles for you today–my goal is to help you keep your hair up and out of your face while still looking cute! 

woman with braided hair in sports bra and leggings looking out over the ocean

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I will always be honest about what I like and use, whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. 

The 10 Best Workout Hairstyles

1. Ponytail. Basic. Classy. Wear it high for sass and low to slide under a cap or beanie. Use bobby pins to secure short pieces and flyaways if needed. I like to rock a high pony cause I’m still a high-schooler like that!

2. Messy bun. A great way to make sure there is absolutely-no-hair-touching-you-ever while you work out! This is also a great way to conceal the fact that you have just worked out after the fact.

3. Braids. Take it from Ana from Frozen and Lagertha Lodbrok (any Vikings fans out there?) you can definitely kick some major butt in braids! I like two braids for the most secure plaits, a ponytail braid or one braid for lower impact movements like yoga or hiking. French braids are super pretty and can leave your hair in nice waves as well.

4. Fun ponies. (<<this would be a killer band name!) Double up two low ponytails to add some schoolgirl charm. (High double ponies are for toddlers only!) This is also great if you have shorter hair or short layers since you don’t have to pull your hair so far to get it in the hair tie. Also consider, the super-fun high side pony like my friend Katy! How adorbs is she?

Workout hairstyles: High pony two girl ready to run

5. Ballerina bun. Ballerina buns are perfect for Barre, Pilates and other dance oriented movements inspired by ballet. Of course, it can be rocked for more high impact sports too! I use this tool to perfect my ballerina bun!

6. Headbands. Adding a headband or headwrap to any hairstyle is incredibly common, but probably it is most often seen paired with a ponytail or messy bun. Headbands come in a range of styles and widths and some work better for certain head shapes and hair textures than others. I’d recommend trying several different products until you find your perfect fit!Woman with hair in headband and a running t-shirt taking a selfie

7. Clips and barrettes. These can be incredibly helpful if your hair is short or if you have layers. Use the clips to section shorter hair up and away from your face and add some sparkle to your outfit!

8. Twist and pin your bangs. Many women have straight and side bangs and they can be SO annoying since (at least for me) they are always the first thing to get super sweaty! I solve this problem by twisting my bangs back and pinning them securely away from your face. I just grab the bangs and start twisting up and away from my face. Sometimes I start with a smaller section of bangs and gradually add to it as I twist it back—making a sort of french braid type twist with the bangs. You can see how I rocked it during my half marathon with my sister below!

Two girls in black shirts with running medals after a road race

9. Bump your bangs. Pull your bangs together and straight back from your head. Twist once and pin slightly forward forming a small “bump”. Just a little extra cute way to get those bangs off your face or add some spice to your basic workout hairstyle. See these tips for more ideas about getting your bangs out of your face. And yes, I am one of those girls who perpetually cut bangs and grow them out!

10. Fancy French Braided pony. Section off your hair behind the ears and part in the middle or wherever your usual part is. Beginning in the front create a small french braid incorporating shorter layers and bangs if you have them. Braid back and tie off, then incorporate into your ponytail.

Cute extras. I’ve already mentioned headbands, but don’t forget about adding a ribbon to your style or wrapping a small section of your hair around your ponytail to “finish it off”. Or clip in a jaunty bow! Sometimes a little oomph for race day or a really tough workout can be knowing you’ve got something cute going on!

You could also seriously consider a super-short cut for the easiest workout hairstyles.  I feel like edgy pixies are cropping (pun intended) up a lot in Hollywood. Just something to consider if you want to go a bit more dramatic. Cause, hey it’s only hair! If all else fails a hat or visor is also a great option to keep your hair up and out of your face!

Woman in black top and braid with text overlay 10 cute and cool gym hairstyles

Hope you enjoy these 10 Best Workout Hairstyles to keep you cool and cute while working out!! Nothing fancy, these fitness hairstyles are practical, simple, and super-cute!

What is your favorite way to wear your hair during a workout?

Any must-have products I should try? 

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  1. I wear my hair in a ponytail most of the time, I find that braids just fall out on me. Since getting bangs I have needed a headband for EVER workout, they drive me crazy during my workouts. Love the post!

    1. Yeah, especially if you have layers braids can be tricky and I feel your pain with tihe bangs–they are definitely a hassle while working out!

  2. My hair is short now, so I like to stick to a ponytail and a thick, cloth, elastic headband. I like to experiment with the height of my ponytail for fun. I personally think high ponies are really cute on shorter hair, even if it means adding a few bobby pins in the back.

    Cute post!

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