Fall Weekend Snapshots

Hey friends! How was your weekend? I thought I’d share some fun snapshots of ours with you….

Baby LaylaFirst off, it was cold this weekend. I mean really chilly. So chilly Layla had to bundle up in this adorable sweater a friend made for us. Also, the zipper is in the back. Genius.

So I woke up on Saturday wanting yummy, hot food. You know, Saturday food. Like pancakes….pumpkin pancakes……

I made the whole wheat pancakes from 100 Days of Real Food cookbook, but instead of banana I added a 1/2 can of pumpkin. Perfection.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Layla liked them too. I also made her some cute little headbands this weekend. I am SO crafty. Well, sort of. But she is such a lil hipster baby in her head wrap. I made her a gray one too, a white flower one, and a pink twisty one. Being a mom is fun!

Baby headwrap

Sorry, this post is getting a little Layla-picture heavy. Hope you don’t mind. 😉

I’m also super-pumped that I got in 5 workouts this week! Yay! 3 strength workouts and 2 HIIT ones–so basically I’m crushing it. 😀 I’m still following Your Trainer Paige’s bootcamp, we just finished Week 3. I also like that the challenge has little mini-healthy eating challenges like adding in veggies to every meal or making just a small healthier choice in your food choices.

Organic blackberries

 I was equally pumped for the beautiful walk Layla and I went on yesterday. It was so gorgeous out! I want to soak up all the beauty of being outside before winter arrives.

Fall in Michigan


Of course, we also went to church, watched football, took naps, and went to our church college group.  All in all a pretty marvelous weekend. 🙂

On a walk!Hope you had a good one too!

What is your favorite part of the weekend? 



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