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Family Menu and Workout Plan: Jan 18-23

Hey there! Happy Sunday! I wanted to get back in the habit of posting our weekly family menu and my workout plan for the week online. First, this helps me get my meal plan done so I’m ready for grocery shopping on Monday. Second, it keeps me accountable to my plan my workouts, because if I don’t have it laid out and make an appointment with myself I find it easy to get busy, tired, etc. So here we go!

Weekly Healthy Meal Plan

Menu Plan for January 18-23

Monday: Kate out/Nate & Layla Mac and Cheese or Frozen Pizza

Tuesday: Garlic Crockpot Chicken (a recipe I’m testing for my upcoming ebook!)

Wednesday: The Best Pulled Pork in the Crockpot 

Thursday: Lasagna (freezer meal from our meal swap in November)

Friday: Fajitas

Saturday: Eating at camp

Nate’s grandmother is in poor health in Alabama following a stroke, so honestly depending on her state this week may look very different. I still want to have a plan laid out though.

Lunches: Sandwiches, soup, sloppy joes, tacos/taco salad, leftovers.

Breakfasts: Oatmeal, toast, cereal.

Snacks: Larabars, peanuts, almonds, apples, oranges, cheese and crackers.

In case you are curious this is the menu planner I use! It is so simple and I love it!  healthy menu planning

Workout plan for Jan 18-23

Monday: 7,500 steps

Tuesday: Upper body & Lower body from Fit and Sleek Prenatal Physique

Wednesday: 30 min walk or elliptical cardio (7,500 steps)

Thursday: Upper body from Prenatal Barre plus stretching

Friday: Lower body from Prenatal Barre plus stretching

Saturday: 7,500 steps

Last week I completed two workouts from Prenatal Barre and then two slow walks. Last night and today I have felt sort of sick so I didn’t get my last “real” workout in this week, but I’m sipping Gatoraide and hoping to be back at 100% tomorrow.

daddy daughter time

We’ve had a pretty slow weekend here…the temps were chilly and Layla has been feeling very two-o (sung to Taylor Swifts 22) aka cranky and whiney so we only got out a few times for quick trips, mostly to visit daddy at work. I also want to make a point this week of wearing my Garmin Vivosmart everyday to track my steps. I always move more when I have it on and I LOVE it, I just literally forget to charge it and put it on. #theworst #preggerbrain

Hope you’ve had a great weekend, whether it was relaxing or active!

Do you make a meal or workout plan at the beginning of the week? 

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