Family Menu and Workout Plan: Jan 25-31

It is so crazy that it is the last week of January! What!? I’m not quite sure where the month went…I feel like we just wrapped up from Christmas (maybe because we just took down our tree last week!). Even though it is Tuesday I wanted to keep up with posting our weekly family menu plan and my workout goals.

Weekly Healthy Meal Plan

I’m going to be honest and say that last week didn’t go the way I had planned for, but it was still good. Last Monday night we found out that Nate’s grandmother, who had been ill, had passed away. So on Tuesday we went into a packing mode for him to go south to Alabama and for me and Layla to spend the rest of the week through Sunday with my  mom and dad. Wednesday we headed our separate ways. So needless to say we didn’t end up eating what we had planned! It was good for Nate to be with his family this past week and Layla and I had a good visit with my parents, a great night out with my girlfriends, cousin-time for Layla and we even got to spend some time playing with Grandpa’s kids…the four legged kind. 🙂

Layla with baby goat


Kids with kids
Layla and her cousins!

I did workout with my prenatal dvds on Wednesday and Friday, but that was all. I’ve been having some really bad heartburn (all day long, and awful!) so I’m trying to reduce the amount of tomato products, spicy foods, meat (besides chicken) and *sob* coffee. So you’ll see that reflected in my menu.

Meal Plan

Monday: Oatmeal Pancakes

Tuesday: Garlic Chicken–still a bit TBD 😛

Wednesday: White Chicken Chili

Thursday: Shredded Salsa Chicken

Directions: Place 1 pound boneless chicken breast with one jar of your favorite salsa. Cook on low for 6 hours. Shred chicken (it’s so easy to do in your kitchenaid!) and serve with whole wheat tortillas and all the fixins!

Friday: Garlic Pesto Pizza

Saturday: Chicken Pot Pie (freezer stash)

I’m sure we’ll be sick of chicken by the end of the week! I may sub in lean ground turkey to the white chicken chili and see how that goes.

Workout Schedule

Monday: 25 minute walk

Tuesday: 20 min lower body barre workout plus stretching

Wednesday: 25 minute walk

Thursday: 20 minute upper body workout plus stretching

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Walk or play at the gym with Layla or do another dvd workout.

As you can see I am just KILLING IT on the workout front. LOL! I’m definitely in the do what you can when you can stage of pregnancy, but I’m very glad to still be active!

How did your week go? As you expected or differently? 

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    1. Yeah it hasn’t really hit me until the third trimester, but just making those few switches has really helped! It is good! It’s been awhile since I’ve made it!

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