Family Menu & Workout Plan: February 16-22

This week flew by quickly! We ate mostly according to our menu last week so that feels like a total win! On our calendar this week we are busy getting Layla into her big girl room and celebrating her 2nd birthday! *sob* I can’t believe it has gone so quickly, but I’ll try to save the emotional breakdown sentimentality for another day.

Weekly Healthy Meal Plan

Family Menu

Tuesday: Ground Turkey Tacos

Wednesday: Chicken Noodle Soup in the crockpot

Not really a recipe… but 2 Chicken breasts, onion, carrots, chicken broth, salt, pepper, parsley, bay leaf in the crockpot. Add noodles in the last hour.

Thursday: Beef Stroganoff – An old favorite that is perfect for winter nights!

Friday: Pizza for Layla’s Birthday!!

Saturday: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches (same recipe but sub chicken breast for pork) for lunch and Layla’s party food/leftovers for dinner

Sunday: Chicken Enchiladas (similar to the link, but I swear I make it differently every time!)

Monday: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

In case you’re curious about the rest of our meals, I normally plan on us eating Wednesday and Saturday lunches at our camp. Otherwise for lunch we rotate between leftovers, deli sandwiches, soup, macaroni and cheese (yes, we eat it from the box, I get organic to make myself feel better about it), and some hot lunches like sloppy joes, hot ham and cheese sandwiches, and pizza buns.

For breakfast we eat Greek yogurt bowls, multigrain cheerios, oatmeal, toast (Layla LOVES plain buttered toast), and fruit. I have an aversion to eggs, so even though they are healthy and easy we NEVER (like twice in our marriage I’ve made them) eat eggs for breakfast. Poor Nate and Layla only get eggs at camp or at my mom’s house.

Workout Plan


Are you ready for it? I worked out once last week. It felt great when I did it, but I am honestly feeling incredibly exhausted and drained. I try to use my bursts of energy for things like cooking, cleaning, and playing with Layla. My goal for this week is to complete three 30 minute workouts this week. And that’s it. Workouts can be walking, yoga, dvds, any movement really; I’m trying to apply the #wycwyc (what you can when you can) philosophy to this pregnancy. And just breathe and be kind to myself. I’m thankful that my pregnancy is healthy and low risk and I’ve been able to be active throughout it.
Also, I finished Layla’s curtains last week! I have a couple other little projects, plus some shopping to finish up this week for her room, but it’s going to be so cute and I’m excited for her to have a fresh space! It feels a bit all-consuming right now, but we’ll be done in a few short weeks!

How do you get in workouts when you’re ultra-busy or tired? What’s your favorite soup to eat during winter? 

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  1. I’m good at planning my week’s workouts, terrible at planning my family’s meals. Next week, I’m planning on going breadless and cheeseless (gasp) so I’m going to have to prepare ahead.

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