Family Menu & Workout Plan: February 23-29

So I just want to say how crazy-fast February flies by! Just a few days shorter makes a big difference, plus having Layla’s birthday in the mix has made this month fly by! I’m so thankful that it also included quite a few unseasonably warm days. It even hit 60 last weekend, but I’ll take anything above freezing and call it a win for this time of year!

Weekly Healthy Meal Plan

Looking back at last week I can hardly even remember what we ate…I was that consumed with life/party planning/being pregnant. On Thursday we ended up going out for a quick date night/shopping trip for Layla’s birthday presents. And on her birthday we went out to a local diner for breakfast for dinner instead of pizza. She loved it! Pizza, pancakes, and tacos are her favorite foods so it worked out well.

Family Menu Plan

Tuesday: Lasagna (freezer meal)

Wednesday: Homemade Chicken Tenders

Thursday: Beef Stroganoff

Friday: Homemade Pizza (my  favorite!)

Saturday: Enchiladas (freezer meal)

Sunday: At camp or leftovers

Monday: Panera (I’m literally out of meal ideas and the bottom line is we will probably eat out once this week, so Panera it is.)

Hopefully this week I will be able to get back in the swing of actually fulfilling these meal plans. As long as I have the ingredients on hand for meals, I feel good. It’s okay if things don’t go as I plan, but I like to have a plan regardless. 🙂

Workout Plan: 

walk with my baby

Last week I completed three workouts, so I’m improving from the week before and actually met my goal! *pats self on back* For some reason I am most consistent with my Monday workouts, so no matter what I am setting the tone for my week with a workout. Hope you did yesterday too!

This week my goal is to complete 3 workouts again. My plan is to walk today for 30 minutes, on Thursday my MOPS group is doing Zumba Refit (should be INTERESTING since I’m not the most coordinated person ordinarily, not to mention while 33 weeks pregnant!), and Monday I will do another strength workout. If it doesn’t go as planned, that’s okay…just as long as I get in three days!

I’m also bouncing a lot on my exercise ball to help our little boy reposition himself from a transverse (aka horizontal) position. Layla thinks it’s really fun to bounce on a little balloon with me and she’s very encouraging of our “ball time”. I have one more crafty project to wrap up in Layla’s room this week, but otherwise I am taking a rest from room prep for the week. Next week I’ll be ready to tackle the nursery, but for now mama needs a break! Well, and I also have some other things to catch up on like laundry and writing extra blog posts for my maternity leave. Our little mancub will be here before we know it!

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How closely do you stick to your meal plan? What was your favorite workout from last week? 

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  1. I was so special doing zumba when pregnant! I had been using the same studio for years therefore I knew the routines but it was like my poor pregnancy brain couldn’t handle it. I messed up all the time. Haha. Have fun!

    1. I think I like the reset button of a Monday, but then again as a mom by “workweek” and weekends are basically the same. I didn’t like them so much when I worked full time. 😛

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