So I often get asked what are my favorite ________ (fill in the blank) related to fitness and healthy living, mom life and more! . Although I link to a lot of my favorite healthy living resources in various posts, I want to have one central place where I list them all. Here are some of my favorite resources for health and fitness plans, motivation, recipes, and more! I’m sure this list will grow and expand too!

For Workouts:

  • Beachbody Fitness Dvd programs-special love to Piyo and Turbojam!  (email for more info on my challenge groups!)
  • 10 minute Solutions dvds (available on for beginners!
  • Gina Harney at—free workouts and challenges!
  • Women’s Health or Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises (available on Amazon or any major bookstore)
  • Jeff Galloway method for Run to walk programs or any length of running program. I used his plans for both of my half marathon trainings.
  • Couch 2 5K App
  • Runkeeper App

For Healthy Recipes:

For Emotional Eaters and Chronic Dieters


  • The Chalene Show Podcast

Planning and Organization

I hope you utilize these resources as you continue to build your healthiest life! I would also encourage you to surround yourself with positive, healthy friends and influences whether in “real life” or on social media. Be with people who bring you up and are supportive of your journey. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your favorite fit friend, join a gym or group fitness class, or take a cooking class. Challenge yourself constantly!