Favorite Prenatal Workout DVDs

Hey there! After my pregnancy update post on Wednesday I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite prenatal workout dvds with you! Both of my pregnancies the latter parts have been in the winter and prenatal dvds have been a great fit for convenience and function in getting my workouts in! There are affiliate links below which means you pay nothing more, but a small portion of the cost goes to support this blog! Win-win!

5 Favorite Prenatal Workout Dvds

Five Favorite Prenatal Workout DVDs 

  1. Fit & Sleek Prenatal Physique — I love the short 20 minute segments that you can stack together when you are feeling great or just take one at a time. A good variety of workouts (2 upper and 2 lower, plus core and stretching) within the dvd too! The Prenatal Stretch video feels absolutely amazing!
  2. Suzanne Bowen’s Slim and Toned Prenatal Barre Workout — I’m still amazed how moving literally inches can burn so much! The barre workouts are low impact, but truly effective at toning (or at least making you feel toned) all over.
  3. Expecting More from Sarah Haley — These are great workouts with lots of different options and even a full workout calendar for each trimester. This is very cardio choreographed and her style of teaching doesn’t jive with me so well, so I probably use this dvd the least, but there are good workouts on there!
  4. Piyo — I did Piyo with modifications during my 2nd trimester and felt great. Towards the end of the 2nd trimester it wasn’t feeling so good so I stopped and switched to more pregnancy-specific dvds, but definitely something low impact and bodyweight only to consider for your 1st and 2nd trimesters. I also REALLY love Chalene Johnson as an instructor!
  5. Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout by Amanda Tress — I have heard really good things about this dvd and it’s on my list to buy, but I think I may wait till next time around (assuming there’s a next time!) Amanda also has a body after baby dvd too and she looks ah-mazing post two kids!

A few other sources I’ve used for prenatal workouts are yogadownload.com (for prenatal yoga),  my Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises prenatal workout (are you tired of me recommending this book yet? Seriously it was one of the best fitness purchases ever!),  good ole walking, and the elliptical. Although there are some things I haven’t felt comfortable doing while pregnant (and some things you shouldn’t do without checking with your health provider), overall I feel like I’ve had a good mix of options for workouts this pregnancy.

Pregnant walking

I mainly complete my workouts in the evenings, because getting up early in the morning is just not happening while pregnant! I try to listen to my body (especially at this point) and give myself grace while pregnant. There are some times that are just pure survival mode and you need a nap or you’re throwing up or whatever. Getting in a workout can help you feel better (emotionally and physically) but being attune to your needs in this time is so important as well. I love prenatal workout dvds because they give me  the freedom to NOT wonder “is this okay?” “should I modify” “when? how?”. The instructor lines it all up for you and coaches you to a point where you can complete a good workout in a safe manner for you and your baby.

mumberry top review

I also want to say that buying actual maternity workout clothes has totally helped me feel more confident and excited to workout too! Last time around I just made what I had work and it did….sort of . This time I definitely felt the need for belly support while working out and have invested in a few favorite workout tops or sized up a couple sizes in sweat-wicking t-shirts. A couple weeks ago I received an awesome maternity workout tank from Mumberry that includes built in belly support! So even if you are rocking a regular-sized workout pant, your baby belly still gets great support, which always helps me feel better about my workout! I loved the top they sent me, especially the bright, poppy-orange color! It oozes mama-baby happiness! (I was sent a top in exchange for my review-all opinions are my own.)

What workouts did/do you complete while pregnant? What is your favorite workout dvd? 

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  1. I walked practically every single day for both pregnancies. I’m convinced that was a big factor in having 2 easy pregnancies and deliveries.

    Thanks for sharing with friends at Living a Life of Fitness Health and Happiness! xoxo

    1. The closest studio is a 35 minute drive but I think in the spring or summer I will make the drive for some me-time combined with a workout. 🙂

  2. I love your maternity workout tank! LONG workout tanks and shirts were the best during my pregnancies. Some of my other shirts gave me the awkward “trucker belly-hanging-out” look :s During my last pregnancy, I ran (slowly) and did the express workout on the Summer Sanders’ DVD.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! You look adorable.

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