10 Healthy Pregnancy Must Haves That Will Change Your Life

This is my third time being pregnant so I’m basically a pro and have a long list of healthy pregnancy must haves! Truly, I have found many things that have worked for me each pregnancy and I thought it’d be good to share them with you

These favorite products for a healthy pregnancy are some that have stood the test of time, all the way since I was pregnant with little Layla, some others are ones I found while I was pregnant with Barrett, and others I’m loving for the first time this pregnancy!

10 Healthy Pregnancy Must-Haves:


  1. Leggings – I adore these leggings from Target. They are incredibly comfortable for workouts and I wear them often just around. They have a full tummy panel and are nice and thick. I should probably get some more, I sport them so often!

 2. Mumberry Workout tank – Mumberry’s awesome and supportive fitness tank is great, especially towards the end of your pregnancy when you need more support for your growing belly. They have a built in belly support band which feels soo good on your low back!

mumberry top review
Mumberry tank + Target Leggings (Last pregnancy, by the way. 🙂 )

3. Basic Short Sleeve Tops from Pinkblush – I linked to these in my Mother’s Day Picks, but it bears repeating that these are great tops! They have an almost moisture-wicking type of fabric and are nice and long for working out, but they look great as just a regular top too! (The black top I’m wearing in the picture in the woods under the long sleeved half zip is this style!)

4. ThredUP – thredUP is an online shop for second-hand clothes! They have great styles and selection in activewear too! I look for maternity activewear, but also scour around the next size (or two, depending on where you are in your pregnancy) up for tops and pants too! You can use this code and get a FREE $10 credit on your first order! (The purple long sleeved half zip in the pic in the woods is Old Navy from Thred Up!)


Prenatal Fitness DVDs – The two dvds that I use the most are Slim and Toned Prenatal Barre Workout and Fit and Sleek Prenatal Physique. Both are low impact, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t work hard! I especially love the stretching segment after a long day! I also reviewed some other prenatal fitness dvds in this post!

Walking – This pregnancy I’ve done more walking than any of my others thanks to being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Because walking is one of the best exercises you can do to lower your blood sugar I don’t view it as a “lesser workout” (especially when I’m pulling or pushing 25+ pounds of baby/toddler toddler/preschooler *cue sobs*). My New Balance Fresh Foam shoes (newer version, but similar) are my go-to walking shoes! They are so comfy! I should probably replace them soon! I’m also thankful that there is nothing but beautiful weather ahead of us so we can keep our outdoor evening walks going! (See my favorite walking workouts post)

pregnancy walk

Prenatal Strength Workout – From The Woman’s Health Big Book of Exercises, this is a great tried and true fitness resource. The prenatal workout has modifiers and specific workouts for each trimester and cardio recommendations as well. When I’m in the mood for an old fashioned strength workout this fits the bill and I know it is safe for me and baby!


Larabars – I love Larabars for a quick and easy snack that is not filled with a bunch of chemicals and is delicious to eat! Most bars just contain nuts, dates, and fruit! I think peanut butter cookie is my absolute favorite, but I also love apple pie, cherry pie, and blueberry pie! (Do you see a theme?) You can get a big box and try all the flavors to find your favorite! These are also awesome to have on hand after having your baby for the nursing hungers!

JoJoba Oil – I got this back in December when I was looking to add more natural ingredients to my beauty care routine. Recently I’ve been rubbing it on my stomach and back to keep my skin soft and lessen stretch marks. It always leaves my skin soft and isn’t as heavy as a coconut oil. I’ll let you know how well it works!

(Does anyone want to speak to the pronunciation of jojoba? I say them a hard j, so like JoJo Gaines, but is it yoyo like the favorite American toy? Please someone educate us!)

jojoba oil cleansing method

Body Pillow – I have never bought a special pregnancy body pillow, but I DO feel like sleeping with a body pillow will make your sleep during pregnancy SO much better. My current pillow I’m sure is just from Meijer or Walmart, but upgrading to this memory foam version sounds pretty good about now! I’d also add that I’m a big believer in guilt-free napping when pregnant or if you have a new baby or really whenever you can get one.

Favorite products for a healthy pregnancy

So those are some of my favorite products for a healthy pregnancy! And  now for a little bit of the scoop on the new little guy joining our family in September!

I figured it was about time for a real pregnancy update for our sweet baby #3! In case you were wondering…

It’s a boy!! 

We found out about 3 weeks ago and are super thrilled! I honestly would have been completely happy either way, but I think having Barrett and this baby so close together will make their brother bond super-tight!

How is baby doing? 

Everything with the sonogram at 21 weeks looked great and he weighed just over one pound! This was also the first time we decided to do additional genetic testing. I was a little google search happy on having gestational diabetes early in pregnancy (there is a slightly higher risk of some genetic diseases) so we decided for my peace of mind to just go ahead and do the tests. We would have embraced any way God created our child, but I’m a planner to the core and just needed to “know” this time in a way I didn’t for my other two pregnancies. Those came back all clear as well. Our little is currently 25 weeks, and according to “those apps” the size of an ear of corn. (<<<these comparisons always crack me up!) He is moving around, most often noticeable at night, but the other afternoon Layla was lying on my belly and felt him move. She was so excited!pregnancy 25 weeks

How is mama doing?

I’m doing pretty well, just wear down easier than “normal”. Naps are life for me. I have had a bit of low back pain when I’ve had a busy day, but otherwise I am trucking along. I don’t know if I would call it nesting yet, but I did have a spasm last week where I literally had to do ALL THE THINGS right. then. It’s always a good idea to prep for garage sale, clean out the entire van, and refinish end tables at once, right?

My midwife is also happy with my blood sugar levels with my gestational diabetes. It sometimes gets boring and old, but I’ve found “my things” that I can treat myself with or just eat often and are satisfying. Two ice cream shops around us have sugar-free ice cream (that actually tastes good) too! #winning

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