February Blog Traffic and Income Report

I’ve gotten a few questions in response to my income reports and so I’ve decided to compile a Blogging Resource Page with my favorite growth tools and questions to a few commonly asked questions.

February Blog Income & Traffic Report - Get a behind the scenes look at a small blog making money.

Blog Traffic

This month I had 22,360 pageviews and 17,500 unique visitors. My highest traffic sources this month were Pinterest, Direct (someone typing katemovingforward.com in or using a saved bookmark or coming from Instagram), Google, and Yummly.  My social media followers grew by 333 in January! Most of that growth was on Pinterest (close to a 300 follower jump!). Everywhere else it I have gained a few followers, but nothing striking. I started implementing a more is more approach to my Facebook page (a la Holly Homer). I doubled my Facebook posts so I’m posting now a minimum of 6 times a day. In a month or so I’ll look that over and see if my traffic or page likes have increased significantly and decide how to proceed from there. I’m always willing to try something new!

Income Report

Sponsored Posts: $0

Social Media Campaigns: $0

Ads: $76.78

Affiliate Sales: 0.39

Total: $77.17

Well February was an anti-climatic month income-wise. Along with not getting/finding good fits in sponsored content, my ads were down too, even with an increase in pageviews. I’m trying to hold on until I hit 30,000 pageviews and can transfer to a different advertising network.

Expenses Report

This section contains affiliate links to services and products I’ve used to grow my blog. I get a small credit for each referral. Thanks for your support. 

Adobe Photo (Lightroom & Photoshop): $9.99

Food Blogger Pro (Food Blogging community with video resources, tutorials, forum, and tons of bonus features by the bloggers behind Pinch of Yum. Use this discount link for $3 off your first month!): 29.99

Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling tool-LOVE it! Signing up with my affiliate link will get you a $15 credit to any plan too!): $10

Coschedule (Content Calendar and Social Media scheduling tool! Get a free 14 day trial first!): $10

Hosting: $10

Total: 59.98

So a little better than break even for February. I feel a little frustrated with this, but it truly wasn’t for lack of effort on my part and I’m probably looking at a slower April and March too, just due to cutting back on sponsored content as we adjust to life with a newborn. I’d rather make less money and not feel frustrated and stressed trying to manage a sponsored content schedule. Although this month does make a point about growing your passive income streams, here’s my plan for increasing this stream:

  • Release my e-book Healthy Living Kickstart in May. I’m going to launch it first as a blogging series along with a private Facebook group for accountability and then the book will be available with bonus content and printables too!
  • Grow the Beachbody leg of my business with Team Inspire once I am cleared for activity post-baby! I’m going to do the 21 Day Fix in early June and I can’t wait to get a great group of women together to complete it with me!

Top Posts

Strawberry Lemon Sparkling Water - Stay hydrated with this delicious sparkling water recipe! Makes drinking all your water easy!

My top two posts written in February were my Raspberry Mocha Smoothie and Strawberry Lemon Sparkling Water. I think both tap into people’s desire for easy healthy recipes. I also think as my photography improves my recipes are getting more interest and traffic! I’ve made my photography an area of focused improvement and it seems to be paying off. Basically if you complement my food photography I will love you forever. 😀

So February was not awesome as far as income, but definitely a good month for traffic and social media growth! I’m excited to see where things continue to go as we move forward into 2016!

Do you make an income from your blog? What are your favorite sources of passive income? 

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    1. It sends me more traffic than Twitter and I have no way to figure out how much IG sends, but I think it can definitely be improved on AND there are people majorly converting traffic on it so that spurs me on! I’ll share again how it goes next month.

  1. I actually backed off on Facebook (down to 3 times a day) after posting lots for a couple months. Facebook doesn’t send me tons of traffic but does just as well for me with the less posting. And it’s less stress for me, too! My traffic was down in March and I’m looking forward to when I resume…and to pick up momentum again this Spring. I want to work more on passive income too as I haven’t done many sponsored posts right now either, what with the new baby. I do sell custom, Biblical versions of children’s books (such as Oh, the Places You’ll Go) and this is gearing up to by busy season, but I do have to write in those books to sell them so it’s not really passive! Thinking of a couple different ideas…

    1. Yeah, I think with doubling my posting on average I have about 100 more post reach from Feb to March. I’m not sure if the growth is worth the time (45ish minutes a week) but I’ll have to dig into my google analytics to see how many click throughs are coming. I haven’t seen much page growth from it so far either.

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