First Trimester Update & Loves

Happy Friday! Today I thought we would talk all things baby and pregnancy! I have been a bit more lazy? laidback? this time around as far as bump updates, pictures, etc. but I do what to fill you in on where we are every once in awhile…today just so happens to be that day!

Sweet Layla–one week old! Such an itty-bitty baby!

What’s going on with the baby? 

Our little one is nearly 15 weeks and is the size of a lemon. (a big lemon? a little lemon? who knows?) The babe is beginning to make facial expressions like frowning or squinting. I swear I have felt some movement already, even though it is a bit early. Very exciting! At our appointment the baby’s heartbeat was a fast 145-150 beats per minute. Everything else was looking good and around Thanksgiving we will have our anatomy ultrasound and find out the gender!

14 WEEKs

What’s going on with mom?

I’m tired. 🙂 But starting to feel more energetic and definitely little to no sick feelings anymore! Thank you Jesus! It was actually a fairly easy first trimester. Layla is a good sleeper so I was able to rest when she rested and I was naseaus but not overwhelmingly so. I’ve also had a few headaches (not normal for me) but overall I feel good!  I’m definitely in maternity clothes and have been since about 8-9 weeks. I popped out much earlier and know how nice it feels to not be stuffing yourself in clothes that don’t fit your changing body. I got some good deals on maternity clothes from ThredUp (online name brand used clothes) and Old Navy too! It’s always fun to have new clothes! If you want to check out Thred Up you can use this link to get $20 off your first order! (Yes! Really!!) You can get some cute, like-new, name brand stuff! I actually scored a pair of ag maternity jeans for $20! I didn’t realize it, but they are like $100+ jeans. I looked up the brand because they were soo comfy I wanted another pair, but it looks like I’ll just be stalking Thredup to see if they get another pair in! They have a great return policy too, so no worries if the fit isn’t good or you don’t like how it looks!

How’s exercise going?

Hahaha!! Oh right. This is a healthy living blog. Well. It has been going okay. Okay as in we go on a 1-2 mile walk a 3-4 times a week. I did order Piyo by Chalene Johnson so I can get a more regular routine going. It is a low impact pilates/yoga dvd series and I love Chalene so I think it will be great and give me some structure and a goal which are always good things in the workout deparment.

First Trimester Loves:

  • Pizza! We ate so much pizza.
  • Almond milk for getting my calcium in
  • Thred Up and Old Navy for maternity clothes. I also have maternity clothes from Target and Motherhood Maternity.
  • Naps. All the naps.
  • Toast and peanut butter to calm my upset stomach
  • La Croix sparkling water for nausea and soda cravings

It’s been fun thinking back to Layla’s baby days and exciting to go through this all again without some of the fear and uncertainty I carried with me then. I’ve done it before, and though it will be different, I’m sure I can do it all again!

I’d love to hear any tips you have for helping a toddler transition to having a new baby. And any double stroller recommendations! Have a great weekend!

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  1. You look great! 18 weeks here, and I too, was in maternity clothes much earlier this time around. Oh, how I love the comfortable elastic waistbands and empire waist shirts! Amazing. I pray the rest of your pregnancy continues smoothly!

  2. I’m excited for this little baby! I didn’t feel Sophie until 21 weeks, so when I started feeling Brielle at 15 weeks, I thought I must be feeling things… but then at 16 weeks I got a good kick and there was no denying that I really did feel her earlier. And Lyla I felt at 14 weeks!

    1. Yes! I was 20 weeks before I felt Layla, it was right before her gender ultrasound! But I think looking back I probably felt her, but didn’t know it. I feel like since I “know” what it feels like, it’s much easier to be sure AND I know when to listen (always at night, when I’m laying down to go to sleep).

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