Five Fit and Fun Date Ideas

I’ve dreamed up some fit and fun date night ideas you can use on Valentines Day or any time of the year! I wanted to show you that fun date nights don’t have to be expensive either so I have “priced” all the events $-Less than $15 dollars $$-Between $20-$50 $$$–Over $50.  Also, most of these could make a fun girls night if you are rockin’ it as a single lady or rockin’ a long distance relationship–no reason to stay inside and watch old episodes of Gilmore Girls. 😉

fit and fun date night ideas
fit and fun date night ideas

1. Cooking Class Date

Learn to make an interesting and healthy new dish together from a professional chef or restaurant.  You can google local cooking classes or check your favorite restaurant’s website to see if they offer classes.  A cheapie alternative is to plan and prepare a new healthy recipe together: select the recipe together, shop together, cook it together, and enjoy the fruits of your labor together!

Price point: Traditional class $$$. Alternative $

2. Nature Date

Spend a couple hours out in nature together—take a hike or explore a trail by bike. If it’s cold where you live (and it’s cold here in Michigan!) you could check out a nature preserve or aquarium in a nearby city.

Price point: $-$$

Fit and Fun date night ideas

3. Wine and Game Night

Buy a bottle of wine and bust out the the classic game of twister.  It’s basically yoga with wine and your partner. What could be better? 😉 Not feeling so flexible? You could also add in some other fun board games and challenge each other to a board game tournament!  Follow it up with your favorite animated film to keep the young at heart theme alive.

Price point: $

4. New Recreation Date

Try out a new sport or recreation activity together as a couple. It could be tandem biking or rock climbing; disc golf or actual golf; ballroom dancing or zumba.  Make a deal that the less proficient or “loser” gets to pick a sweet spot to enjoy their favorite dessert on the “winner”.  So if Nate and I played golf he would take me to a doughnut shop.  If we did zumba I might take him to get a bottle of Jone’s soda afterwards.

Price point: $$



5. Ice Skate or Rollerblade Date

Find a local ice skating rink (most cities have then and times for public skates) and skate around the rink holding hands with your beloved. Or falling down a lot with your beloved—laughing burns extra calories! Cap off your evening with hot chocolate at a favorite coffee house or try a homemade version at home.

Price point: $


Bonus Date! Recreate First Date

Recreate your first date together, this has absolutely nothing to do with fitness, but it’s a fun idea!  Bonus points for trying to dress like you would have then, listening to the same cd you played (or just the type of music you were into then), and doing your hair like you would have then! This could get interesting fast! If you don’t live in a town with the same exact movie theatre or restaurant just try to get as close as possible. Nate and my first date was at the Fastbreak, the on campus sub/Panini spot near the sports center and we ate outside. So if we recreated our first date we would maybe go to a Firehouse subs, eat outside, and I would wear a skirt because that’s what I wore on our first date. Smile

Price point: I guess the price depends on how swag you were at the time of meeting your special someone! $-$$.

Do you plan date nights?  Do you go all out or more low key?

Any other fit and fun date night ideas? 

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  1. This is such a great post! I love all of these ideas and then some! Probably the nature date the most!
    Since my Valentine lives in another state, we created some gift boxes and are mailing them today!
    I think if you are experiencing long distance, you could still do something at the exact same time. Like the nature date… Go for a hike at the exact same time, or even a coffee date….Go to a coffee shop at the exact same time and talk over the phone…or Skype!
    Thanks Kate!

    1. That’s a great idea to have a virtual date! Love it! Long distance is the worst, I can’t believe that Nate and I ever did (even though we did for 18 months) it, but you definitely develop good communication skills and learn a lot about each other!

  2. I totally wish Travis and I had a “first date” to recreate! We kind of just fell into our relationship as we were friends first! I love the ideas though. I want to go to a bounce house 🙂

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