Fit Girl Christmas Wish List

Fit Girl Christmas Wishlist

Revelation Pant—So comfy and you always need more yoga pants. Always.

Best Body Fitness Holiday Workout Plan—Perfect for the on-the-go holiday these workouts have minimal equipment and can be finished in close to 30 minutes. Plus you can start anytime until December 30th. Tina’s workouts are well worth it!

Under Armour Beanie—It’s seriously too cute for words! I mean, really, and it comes in pink. Sold.

Feed the Muscle, Burn the Fat—For the serious bodybuilder or strength trainer. Literally everything you could want to know about building muscle and burning fat. I enjoyed this book, but it may be a lot for the fitness newbie to take in. (I received this book free of charge to review.)

Gift card for dance class—Everyone likes to try something new and there’s no time like the cold dark winter to get your booty moving in a new way. Google a local dance school in your area and bring your own partner or try a solo dance class like hip-hop or bellydance.

Snowshoes—Especially if you live somewhere the winter gets long! Snowshoes are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite trails in the beauty of a different season. I’m kind of coveting some for my long Michigan winters.

What’s on your holiday wish list?

Which of these would you love the most?

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  1. I really want to add snowshoes to my christmas list, but it almost never snows in Philly! Do you run in snow shoes? I feel like I’m too much of a klutz for that!

    1. No, I wouldn’t run in snowshoes–their more designed for hiking/walking in snow. If you’re interested in keeping up with running when it’s snowy and icy I’ve never used them, but folks in my running group swear by yaktrax. You attach them to your regular running shoes and they give you extra traction and stability on packed snow and ice. 🙂

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