Five Friday Loves

Oh hey! Hope you all have had a lovely week! This week was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time with family!

1. Cousin Love

Layla is excited, truly she is. I’m so thankful we had nice weather and got to spend so much time this month with Nate’s family. We’ve made some great memories! We even got some good grown-up hang-out time in, which is always a bonus. Smiletyler scott family

2. Organizing Pinterest Boards

Yeah, so I spent two hours one night organizing my Pinterest boards. It’s a little ridiculous but now I (hopefully) have a better layout and cleaned up boards so I’ll actually make some new food and try out some new workouts and projects.

3. Summer Camp Beginning


We live and work at a Christian camp and TODAY our summer staff arrive! Omigoodness!! It’s crazy that summer is finally here. It’s exciting and fun, but there is a lot of work to be done before our first week of family camp. Also, if you don’t have a family vacation planned yet this summer we still have space available during August! Open-mouthed smile

4. Fresh fruit and salads

Nothing like warm weather to make you crave greens and good stuff! This Mojito Fruit Salad has me drooling…

Or this yummy Citrus Fruit Salad

citrus fruit salad

5. Layla

I mean, seriously, what did I do before I had a kid to photograph compulsively?


Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Tell me something YOU are loving this week!

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  1. I keep telling myself to actually use what I pin, but I never end up doing it. Life is so crazy…maybe this summer I can!

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