Five Friday Loves

Today I have a very special Friday love first of all…that would be my husband! Today is Nate and my 5 Year wedding anniversary!!!

wedding It’s incredible how quickly we have reached this milestone. 5 years ago if someone would have handed me a note with all the things that these last 5 years have held, I would have read it, folded it up, and given it right back with a firm “no, thank you.”  But there is no better person to have held me, laughed with me, and loved me these past years—I wouldn’t be who I am today without him. God gave me a good, good gift when he gave me Nate.


I also have been negligent in sharing about my baby showers last weekend! To say it was a whirlwind would be an understatement, but we were so blessed by all the love showered on “Baby Girl Scott” last weekend! My sisters threw me a wonderful shower complete with a pink Christmas tree!



(I kind of failed at the picture-taking once the party got started….oops!)

And a wonderful shower thrown by my aunt and cousins for my Miller family!



My mom gave me a box filled with my baby clothes and tagged by who made it or bought it for me. It was very sweet. Above, I’m holding the little sweater and swaddler my Grandma’s best friend made for us.


Mama to be and proud auntie!

Now, I just need to sort through everything and really get into “nesting mode” for the baby. We have a lot to do, but I feel like our plan is shaping up a bit.

Another love is all the great resolution and goals posts out there this week! Here’s mine! I also really liked these two posts: What if Every Day Were New Years Day by Tina Reale and Make 2014 Your Best Year by Crazy Running Girl.

I’m also really loving getting back into the swing of things. I hope I’m not the only one that craves order and boring old life. lol!


Finally, I’m loving my soft, pink blanket that Nate made me for Christmas! It has literally been snowing for days here in Michigan and it’s perfect cozying in together. Smile

What’s something you’re loving this week?

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