Five Newborn Must-Haves

Hey guys! I wanted to share a few of the things that I’m loving for our little one! I’m sure some of these may change over the next months but here’s what we’re loving about two months in.

Five Newborn Must-Haves

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Five Newborn Must-Haves

Aden and Anais Swaddlers—These have been great for swaddling Layla! When she’s sleepy or getting crankypants we just wrap her up tight and it works wonders. For some reason she likes them better than sleep sacks so we’ll keep wrapping her in them for now. They also are a great light blanket, burp rag, and play area! Plus they get softer with each washing!


My Breast Friend Pillow—This  made such a huge difference for me in breastfeeding. I used one at the lactation consultant when breastfeeding was at it’s worst and bought one right afterward! I swear it was a game changer. The “breast friend” pillow is made of more supportive foam and actually buckles around you so there’s no slipping; the cover is removable and washable too! (We also have a boppy that Layla is starting to use for sitting up and lounging in, but it just didn’t work well for nursing for me.)

JJ Cole Diaper Bag—My beautiful diaper bag that I LOVE! I get so many compliments on it. It is roomy and has lots of pockets inside and out to keep me organized and Layla stocked with everything she needs when we go out. Definitely big enough for two kiddos while not being too bulky. It also has a long strap that is removable and two clips to attach it to a stroller.


Simple Human Slow Close Trash Can—This is our “diaper pail” and it is awesome! I was a little dubious when Nate brought home such an expensive trash can, but we never smell it! We’ll also be able to use it as a regular trash can later and we love that it doesn’t leave fingerprints, has a foot depressor, slow-close lid and (bonus!!) Layla loves to look at it!

Ergo Baby Carrier with Infant Insert—This has been awesome for toting Layla around outdoors. She loves to be moving in it and it frees up my hands to pick up inside or fold laundry while holding her. It is super-supportive and can be used in the front, side, or back when she is older and can support herself better. It is also adjustable so Nate or I can use it.


You may look at some of these products and say, “Whoa!! Those are too pricy for me. Where’s the baby on a budget version?” This IS the baby on a budget version; they were pricy for us too, but I have developed a “cheap is not always better” philosophy when it comes to some items. I’d rather us invest some good money upfront and have products that work well and we really like than get cheaper things and be dissatisfied. Many of the items we received as gifts—and are incredibly thankful for the generosity shown to us and Layla.

With other more expensive items I also approached it as a cost per usage situation. Let’s say I have 3 kids, so the cost per usage for my diaper bag is about $25 per child. By spending a little more for a higher quality item it will last longer and I will be happier thanks to the extra features! I’m also saving money in other areas like diapers (by using cloth) and baby clothes (we got tons as gifts and by shopping garage sales and consignment stores).

Five Baby Books I Love


Babywise–Take the advice with a grain of salt but I like the schedule and sleep advice; plus some helpful breastfeeding information.

The Baby Whisperer—Same grain of salt needed, as above but I found the advice about listening to your baby, play time, and sleep helpful.

What to Expect: The First Year—Lots of helpful information about basically everything and I like the question and answer type format and the index. I also like to read ahead so I can be semi-prepared for “what’s next”.

I’ve also read books to Layla since before she was born. Two of “her” favorites:

Owl Babies—“I want my mommy” Some days I really get where little Bill the owl is coming from. This is such a sweet book!

Guess How Much I Love You—“I love you to the moon…and back.” There are a lot of mommy-focused children’s books and I like that this one is about a daddy’s relationship with his child.


So stinking heart-warming! I love how much he loves her!

5 Money-Can’t-Buy Must-Haves

  • Loving, involved, caring, funny, all around amazing spouse (Single moms you deserve the emotional equivalent of a long massage and a literal long massage—I have no idea how you do it.)
  • Supportive family and friends
  • Meals in the freezer
  • Non-alarmist pediatrician and a patient lactation consultant
  • Drop everything when you need them, drive hours, hold the baby while you sleep, clean the bathroom while you hold the baby, put things in perspective, patient, make you laugh, and love you and your baby unconditionally kind of people. DSC_0020 (2)AKA the most amazing mom and sister.

So there are some of my favorite newborn products! It’s hard to believe that little Miss Layla is not a newborn anymore. I packed up most of her newborn clothes this past week, and while I’m excited it’s also a little sad. Every stage goes quickly; I’m loving every minute with this precious girl!

What were/are your must-have newborn items? 

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  1. What a beautiful post! I’m nowhere near having a baby but it was fun to see the things you recommend.

  2. It’s very smart to spend a little more for a quality item that will last long compared to the cheap stuff that you have to replace before you are done using it.

    Great post!

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