Five Things Thursday: Summer Edition

Hi there! How about a nice, newsy update post for ya today! Here are some of the things I’m loving lately!

1. Blueberry Picking with my babe. 

Yesterday Layla and I went to Brookside Farms to pick blueberries. I honestly expected us to pick maybe a cup and that be all Layla could handle.

Blueberry picking


She actually surprised me and lasted out in the patch about a half hour. She even helped pick some berries, but mostly she just played with some sticks and ran up and down the rows. It was so hot and muggy out, I was glad to head into the air conditioning with our bucket of berries.


We enjoyed some HUGE blueberry muffins and then got another 10 pounds of already frozen berries. The berries were $2.20 a pound picked (for 10 pounds) or frozen. You pick berries were $1.35 a pound and we picked at the PawPaw location, if you’re local and want to check it out! It would have been easier to grab blueberries at Meijer, but I love creating memories and traditions with my little girl. The last time I was here I was pregnant with her!

 2. Learning about using manual mode of my DSLR. 

Yes. I am one of those people who bought a DSLR so I could take fancy pictures and I never take it off auto. Auto with no flash is my comfort zone. But I want my blog pictures and baby pictures to be BETTER so I am spending some time on YouTube really digging into the functions and settings and practicing. Here is an updated photo shoot of my blueberry cobbler recipe.

Blueberry Cobbler for lazy people

This was the before:

I’d say I’m getting better. 😉

3. Running out all the feels! 

I had a great run on Tuesday night that made me remember why I love running. It was so good to just plug in some amazing tunes and run until I had worked everything out inside me.

running out my feelings

4. My new blog planner from Target. 

I’m in love with my new planner by Day Designer & Blue Sky. The layout is perfect for planning out my blog posts and agenda, plus notes to brainstorm and places for family stuff too. And it’s pretty.

Target planner

5.  Family vacation

All the Miller side of our family is getting together starting this weekend for a week of family vacation at Gull Lake Ministries! It will be nice to hang together and relax as a family.

sophie and layla


How cute are these girls? How tiny was my baby in this picture?! And that face! I can’t even.

And here are an additional 5 lovely things from around the webispheres.

3 Important Tips for Staying Motivated

I want this shirt. #popular

Key Lime Pie Energy Bites

This quote from Ann Voskamp

Chili Lime Chicken

Have a great day, friends! <3 Kate

What is one thing you are loving lately? Have you ever picked blueberries or ate a muffin as big as your face? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing my Key Lime bites! I actually just bought another bag of key limes at the store this morning to make more this weekend 🙂 I am loving blueberries right now too… so delicious.

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