April Coffee Chat

Hello friends! Just thought I would pop in with a quick cup of joe and a chance to catch up…a little April Coffee Chat, if you will! No jokes or pranks around here….it takes too much creativity to be a prankster and I have a more dry sense of humor. lol!

Morning Coffee Date

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you…

I’m SO ready for our baby to come! With Layla, my first, I honestly was pretty chill about her arrival and was totally cool waiting till her due date. Not so this time around. At all. Not that I can really do anything about it, so it doesn’t really matter, but tomorrow,  aka April 2nd, has been my “goal due date” for awhile. Why April 2nd? Well it is in April (same birth month as my dad and my husband, Nate) and I like the birthstone (diamond). And it is not April Fools Day, but the earliest otherwise the baby could come. Also, I am kind of feeling this baby should be born on an even number, like Nate. Just call me crazy, but that’s why.

Sleeping baby


Layla has been on the struggle-bus this week with naptimes and obedience. Whew! She has also been super-cuddly so I think she is fighting off some sickness (we had family up who had coughs and sniffles last weekend) and also sensing the impending end of her reign as the only child. I’m soaking up the cuddles, but the discipline gets really old.

Scott Easter

I forgot I never mentioned anything about Easter on the blog! Last weekend we had my family up for our annual Easter weekend hangout and it was lovely! Nate, unfortunately, was a ping-pong ball between work and church, but there were plenty of aunts, uncles, cousins, plus Grandma and Grandpa to keep us busy. We played and hung out Friday, went to an Easter egg hunt at church on Saturday with Layla, decorated eggs, did an egg hunt at the cottage, blew bubbles, celebrated my niece/brother/sister-in-laws birthdays, went to church together on Easter, then had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, and napped like champions. Not too shabby of a weekend.

water intake

Also, I’m totally excited that the swelling in my feet and legs has gone down some! Yay! I’ve been guzzling water like a champ and trying to keep them up as much as I can (which is mostly during naptime in the afternoons and the evenings). I’m enjoying the relief for now. It’s odd since I literally had just a tiny bit of swelling with Layla, like mostly nothing. All I can say is this pregnancy has been SO different.

And by now, I’m sure I would need to reheat my coffee in the microwave. 😉 Hope you have a great weekend! Wish me luck on having my baby on my perfect day. 😀

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