March Friday Five

Hey there! I feel like it’s been a while since I just shared what’s going on in my life so here are 5 things going on with me this week.

  • I am super-uncomfortable with this baby. It’s hard to sleep. Hard to move. Tying my shoes feels like a joke. (I just ordered a pair of knockoff Tom’s shoes to get me to the end!) My pants split this week. I’m not trying to whine, I’m so happy to be having this baby and the gift of being pregnant, but these are the facts at this point during pregnancy. I’m ready for our baby. We only have 4ish weeks to go and I’ll have an official pregnancy update for you next week after my Dr. appointment.

walking with layla

  • I’m so thankful for the warmer, totally amazing weather this week! It’s been in the mid 50s and 60s so just fantastic for this time of year in Michigan! We’ve had lots of walk and outside time with Layla. There is nothing like warm days and getting to play outside that make me feel cheerful and like an awesome mom because I can take Layla outside to burn off her energy! Win!

spring flowers

  •  I am craving cereal and eating a lot of cereal right now. Like Cheerios, Life, and Kashi–I feel mostly okay with it as a healthy-ish choice because I’m finding it hard to eat a lot of foods, nothing sounds good, so when I need something quick and easy, cereal it is! Better than a Jamocha shake from Arby’s, right? (Ohmigosh, why did I even say that….now I want one SO bad!)
  • It has been a busy work week for Nate, he’s been going 16+ hour days. Thank goodness we can pop in and out and visit him! Our camp hosted a conference for camps in Michigan this week and it is always one of the busiest weeks of the year. It’s fun to connect with different camp professionals, but it will be good to have him home this weekend! And things at work should slow down in April and May until we gear up for summer in early June.

speaking at camp

  • Speaking of our camp conference, I was a speaker for a seminar at it on Healthy Living at Camp! I got to share some of my story and my passion for pursuing health spiritually, mentally, and physically. I was feeling intimidated, but it was fun! We had about 40 people attend my workshop and had some great discussion and feedback on finding balance with all elements of health while working in the specific field of camp ministry.

On Saturday morning I am helping out with our MOPS group Mom-to-Mom sale and am hoping to pick up a few extra baby clothes for our little man and some summer stuff for Layla. Otherwise we are just hanging out and relaxing this weekend! Yay!

Tell me something good going on in your life or feel free to leave a whiny comment about something that’s not so hot! 🙂 

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  1. I chocked on my spit when I read you split your pants! Hehe hang in there! So nice seeing you in your home turf this week! See you tomorrow at the sale!

    1. To add insult to injury I split them on the day of my healthy living presentation. #irony hahahahaha! You just have to laugh!

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