Friday Loves #119

Hey friends! Welcome to Friday Loves #119! Hope you’ve had a great week! Ours has been cold and snowy, but that’s to be expected in Michigan! My preschooler woke up one morning this week and asked “Is this the last snow of the winter?” No, dear. It is not. ????


Friday Loves…

My husband Nate and I went to see The Greatest Showman on Wednesday and it was as good as I had heard/hoped! So much fun, great music, great story–just a happy movie!

Did you hear the news that CVS is pledging to not alter any of their store-brand beauty products and labeling all brands that ARE retouching? As a woman and mom to a little girl I LOVE that they are standing up for authentic beauty and hope more will follow suit!

Love this article about fitness starting with self discipline. It is what it boils down to….the part of your brain that craves pleasure and leisure wants you to stay on the couch watching netflix and eating doughnuts, but your smarter, stronger self makes the choice and plan to pursue what you know will actually create a more enjoyable life.

The cold weather is making us all a little stir crazy so I’m thinking we need some structure to our at-home days. I’m thinking some fun activities like this homemade snow and playing with shaving cream! What other games or activities do you like to do when you can’t get outside?

Can we talk about how cute this Valentine’s mug is from Magnolia?! I die. You can get the budget version here or here which are still pretty cute! Add some chocolates to that little mug and you’ve got a sweet lil Valentine’s Day present!

Shopping Picks…

These running leggings are on sale for $25! I got a pair for Christmas and they are comfy, stay in place and are “squat-proof” (aka thick enough to hide your undie print).

I always get compliments on this dress and it’s also crazy cheap! (less than $15!)

Also I’m digging this shirtdress perfect for spring (can it be spring soon, please?)

Also, these comfy joggers (that are part of my new mom recommendations!) are on sale making them about $16! Actually all of Target’s C9 brand is on sale for 30%! ????????

This stylish boot tray is so practical I probably need two to corral all our drippy boots!

Reading Picks…

I mentioned this awesome read last week so I thought I would share some of the other books I’m currently reading or are on my “next to read” list.

The Sacred Enneagram – I discovered the enneagram this summer and I love what a deep delve it is into how God uniquely created each of us. I’m a 3, anyone else what to take a test or read this book and discuss? I’m not very far into this yet, but so far it is good.

Delicious – A lighthearted read into the world of publishing and cooking. You can almost taste the food from her descriptions!

The Glass Castle – My sister recommended this book to me and she always has good taste, plus the movie looks amazing.

100 Days to Brave – I tend to let my fear of failure keep me from being brave. This book is challenging me to have courage in bite-size snippets a day.

Wrinkle In Time – Because of the movie coming out I want to read (reread? I may have read this as a older child/teen?) this book and maybe explore some other L’Engle works!

Hope you have a fantastic end to your week!

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What books have you read and loved lately? Do you have a favorite genre? 

Have you seen The Greatest Showman?

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  1. I read A Wrinkle in Time about a year and a half ago. It was good. Not exactly riveting to me, but I’m glad I read it. There is a series of them, like 4 or 5 books. The movie looks good.

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