Friday Loves #15

Happy Friday! Hopefully you have had a great week and have some fun stuff on tap for the weekend! The last of my family left this morning after our week of vacation here at Gull Lake. It was great to have them here! Poor Layla is going to be so bored with just mommy and daddy!

Anyways here are some of my loves from this past week:

1. Cousin love

Friday Loves

How presh are these babies?

2. Fun fitness activities

From stand up paddleboarding, to sister runs to pedal kayaks my workouts certainly didn’t seem like work this week! #thebestkindofexercise

3.  Pretty looking feet!

Callous clear

My feet have been terrible looking since, ever. Tonight I scraped off all the yucky dead skin with this callous clear pack by ped egg and now my feet are so pretty! It was $10 at Meijer and it comes with four remover pads. I used all of them, but I’m sure normal people could make them last longer. I also got some pretty new neutral grayish-pink nail color. Pedicure for $15? Nailed it.

4. Fresh fruits and berries


I picked up 24 lbs of blueberries at Meijer today to freeze. Psst…I love blueberries!! Last year I picked some, but with a 5 month old that really didn’t seem like a good choice for my sanity. So I decided to buy them pre-picked and then they were actually cheaper (for Michigan berries!) at Meijer so I just went ahead and got them! I also got some scrumptious raspberries. I always think I am going to make something delicious with raspberries, but then I eat them all. Whoops! #sorrynotsorry

5. This Reminder:

every little thing

Have a fantastic weekend!!

What was the best thing that happened to you this week? 

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