November Friday Loves

Hey there! It’s time again for some love this week!

Friday Loves

  • Loved hearing our sweet baby’s heartbeat again this week. There is just something so reassuring in that sound. I’m also SO excited to learn our baby’s sex next week. People keep asking if we feel a leaning one way or another and I’m thinking boy…mostly because Nate is so sure it’s a girl. (He was SURE Layla was a boy, so it pays to bet against him in this case. 😉 ) Honestly, we don’t have a preference for gender–we’re excited for whatever God gives us!

piyo workout

  • Moving more! I’m enjoying doing Piyo and making fitness a priority again. That “sore in a good way” feeling is awesome!
  • Layla is learning so much and this is such a fun age! She has her moments of drama, but overall she is learning to be a good listener and is such a sweetie! She even started counting to six this week! #ourkidisthesmartest #andtheprettiestIMG_8549
  • Girls night! I had some of the girls from our camp over on Wednesday night for hanging out…hot beverages, plus desserts and popcorn. I tend to overthink these type of get-togethers wanting like the perfect time (when everyone can come), the perfect house to host, the perfect food, the perfect party games, but women just like to get together! There will always be a reason NOT to but that can’t hold me back. And women don’t need activities…we’ll talk for hours about boys, babies, etc.

  • #SheReadsTruth Psalms of Gratitude study. This study (you can get the book, the plan on your app or have it sent to your inbox) looks so encouraging and the perfect way to prepare spiritually for Thanksgiving. (Also, I notice I say perfect a lot. Now Layla says it all the time…stacks her blocks up, declares them “perfect” and knocks them down. So cute.)

Links to Love: I found some good stuff on the interwebs for you this week! Enjoy!


  • I Have No Willpower–Habits and understanding your motivations over willpower any day.
  • Focus on Behaviour Change–A great piece of advice!




  • When Blogging Gets Hard–It’s not always easy…great post with amazing tips for getting out of that hard time.
  • Foodbloggerpro.com–Just signed up for this and looking forward to learning more, especially about food photography. It’s so hard for me to learn something physical from reading–I have to SEE it so I’m excited  to be learning by seeing and doing through their video courses. They also have a super-great forum which will be invaluable as well.

That’s a wrap, folks! Thanks for readin this edition of Friday Loves! Tell me ONE thing you are loving this week in the comments!

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What are YOU loving this week?

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    1. Thank you! It is an exciting time in our lives and although some days are boring they are filled with precious, amazing moments. 🙂

    1. We’ll see about her big sister skills. Haha! She gets very jealous for my attention, but she is always very “soft” and “kind” to babies, so I think that will help. I’m sure she’ll adjust and be great, just maybe not right away. 😛

  1. Your little girl is so cute! I bet that she’s at a super fun and busy and adventurous age. I’m looking forward to seeing whether your new one will be a boy or girl!

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