Friday Loves: October 21, 2016

Happy Friday friends!! The week is almost over! Here are a few of my loves for the week!

Loves from the Interwebs…

If you need some motivation to get up early just watch these Navy Seals’ video a couple times!

This letter to America is beautiful and will bring tears to your eyes. Election season is HARD and there is a lot of pain and disagreement in our country right now, but that doesn’t negate the beauty of the American spirit.

These 5 Tips to Lose Weight Fast (And They Aren’t What You Think) seem like a dime a dozen, but they are so good and challenging to me on my current weight loss journey! Especially Tip #2! (Go read it!)

I’m really into rice bowls right now and this Pineapple Chorizo one looks ah-mazing!

I can do it again

I’ve been reminding myself of this when the running/weight loss journey is getting long and I feel discouraged because it feels like I’ve been pregnant/trying to lose weight from being pregnant for-e-ver.

Life Loves…

This Is Us on NBC–so good! Anyone else obsessing watching?

I’m currently in a big redecorating and crafting stage! It’s fun to change up the look of our house, the biggest thing we’ve done is completely reworked our “tv wall” with a new entertainment center (a chalk paint + thrift shop find) and I made the gather banner and music sheet wreath. I’ve also finished up some cute details (constellation art and a antler redo!) in Barrett’s room which were super fun!

house decorating

Old favorite tv shows and movies…we are currently in the middle of our annual-ish fall Harry Potter marathon. I love it so! We’ve also been rewatching favorite episodes of The Office, man that show never gets old!



Apple everything…I’m so over pumpkin. Okay, not really but I’m hoping to get a bushel of apples and whip up some applsauce and apple cake. My oh my soo good!

Of course, I am always loving on my babies and cute hubby. I think it’s easy for all of us to get caught up in the “have-nots” and “what’s wrongs” with our lives and gosh, the entire freaking world sometimes, but truly when I take a step back all I can see is how blessed I am. God is good, you guys. And He is in it. Every detail of the fabric of your life, He is in it. So here is to the good today!

mama and barrettHappy Friday!!

What are you loving this week? 

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