Friday Loves #11218

Hey there friends! Welcome to Friday Loves #11218

How has your week been? This week has felt weird because Nate, my husband, was off work different days and I also went to Indiana this past weekend for some family time. Adding to the “outside of the box” week my three year old had a stomach bug yesterday. Yikes.


But there are still good things going on and here are some of my favorites this week…

This gorgeous dining room makeover that is dark, woodsy and just perfection.

Your diet affects your mood, this article was very interesting, especially how our body’s needs change as it ages.

You guys. This article about the number of hours moms work in a week explains the reason I need all. the. coffee. Seriously. Hardest and best job ever.

This book, based on true events in Memphis was so good and hard and hopeful. And I read it in 24 hours.

I haven’t made these 5 (or 2 if you have self-rising flour) ingredient bagels, yet but they sound amazing! Or rather bagels are delicious and that these are “healthy” bagels is a big WIN in my book.

In other good news the weight loss since January 1 has been steady, workouts have been fair (it is SO hard to make time with three kids!), I’ve picked a 5K to run in the spring, the baby has been sleeping and it’s Friday!

Hope you have a great week!


What’s one thing you’ve been loving this week? 

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