Friday Loves: April 7

Hey friends! I thought it was about time for a Friday Loves post where I share all the things I’m loving lately with you! Here we go!

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The No Cry Potting Training Method – I shared this on Instagram stories, but I picked this book up out of desperation at the library last week. I read it in an evening. Potty training has been quite the ordeal, we tried the 3 Day Potty Training deal and that did NOT work, well it sort of did, but Layla never transitioned to staying dry in underwear and pants. *sigh* But this book gave me perspective, resources, and faith that we will make it. And the last few days have gone really well–we aren’t there yet, but an upturn is a blessing for sure!

no cry potty training

Beauty and the Beast soundtrack – Let’s talk for a sec about how unbelievably amazing this movie is! The costumes and set were mind-blowing, there was so much detail everywhere and I loved seeing it “set” in history. The songs….did you cry when the Beast sang his heart out in “Evermore?” I thought it was the BEST moment of the movie and the new songs revealed so much more of the Beast’s character! We watched it on opening night, and Nate and I saw it again last night for his birthday!

beauty and beast quote


Getting rid of stuff – Last year I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it was good, but I didn’t get quite through every room in my house. (I got busy with having a baby, as one will do.) I went through my closet and books (no small tasks), but never tackled the kitchen and kids toys and clothes are an ongoing struggle. So I decided this week to go through some of my bursting kitchen drawers and get rid of anything that 1. was broken 2. I didn’t use or 3. was a duplicate. None of this new age “sparking joy” stuff–I just needed to get the junk out! I was amazed how many broken utensils I was holding onto or ones that were the “lesser” duplicates. I also have gone through Barrett’s and Layla’s clothes and am realizing that if I don’t like their clothes (no matter if I deeply loved whoever sweetly gave them to us) they really don’t wear them so the offending articles are just wasting space. So now as I’m moving them to the next size of clothes, I’m pulling out tops and outfits that were seldom worn for donation or garage sale. I’m not a minimalist, by any  means, but I have to use things and like things for them to stay in our house. As you can see Layla is really taking this all to heart!

organizing help

Trip to Traverse City, Michigan – April is a hectic month for us with birthdays, holidays, and preparations for my sister’s wedding and summer is its own special blend of crazy thanks to living and working at a camp, so Nate and I knew we needed to get away soon! Enter a little babymoon to Traverse City! I am beyond excited for 4 days of exploring northern Michigan with my husband! We are planning to bike, hike, explore downtown and do some kayaking. Quite honestly, sleeping in and taking long uninterrupted showers is a big highlight too.#momlife  I’m a little sad we won’t be able to do any wine-tasting because of my preggers life, but all the more reason to return soon! If you’ve been there I’d love to hear your restaurant or coffee shop recommendations! We’re hoping for better weather than our last couples getaway in Mackinac.

mackinac couple

I’m also really looking forward to some warmer weather this weekend! We had a freak snowstorm yesterday and lost power in the morning. Ugh! I played my Lauren Daigle Christmas album after we got power and that made me feel a little happier about having snow in April. But really! Looking forward to the sunshine and spring being here for good!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Did you miss this Fruit Salad with Honey and Lime I posted earlier this week? Such a delicious way to enjoy fresh fruit!

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