Friday Loves: Birkies and Beachtime

Happy Friday! Woohoo! I’m feeling like Friday actually means something since (for the summer) it is my husband’s day off work. Three cheers for summer adventures and/or laziness!

Here are a few things that I have all the heart eyes for this week…

1. This article, Moms: Let’s Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid, is spot-on for all the drama that we mamas can create as we try to control our kids health.

“Moms, it’s time to loosen our grips. It’s time to admit that perhaps we’ve boarded the wrong train – a train we thought would take us to better discernment, but has actually led to fear, anxiety, and judging one another. I’m talking about the mania surrounding our kids’ health. Whether it’s vaccines, essential oils, gluten, GMO’s, or epidurals, we’ve made ourselves susceptible to a very sneaky lie. Not a lie that these things are important and worth researching. (They are.) But it’s the lie that our number one priority as moms is our kids’ physical well-being, and that the physical elements of this world are our greatest enemy.”

SOOO good right? It is easier to switch our sunscreens than admit that our precious babes have deep-rooted sin issues and that we parents must do the hard work of guiding them to the feet of Jesus and praying they catch a vision for a life surrendered to Him. There is little room for selfishness and laziness in that kind of missional parenthood. But I think for me, deep down I like the mom-drama a bit and I like proving my point and I like knowing “I’m right” (or at least I’m not wrong), but we need to “flee from all this and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.” (2 Timothy 6:11)

Sorry to preach at you– but just such a good word and I’m definitely talking to myself here!

2. I am all about the fresh fruit right now and this Healthy Fruit Pizza looks amazing! Also, if you haven’t tried my Strawberry Shortcake, you really-really have to make it this weekend!

Strawberry jam recipe

3. I saw these blush sunglasses on a blog somewhere and I love them. But I’m normally more of a $10 or less sunglasses gal….but maybe…? #lovedpinkbeforeitwasmillenialpink

4. I’ve been loving my Birkenstocks that I got earlier this spring. Cute and comfy! Since I’m pregnant this is a good time to be investing in quality accessories like sandals and sunglasses, right?! 😀 Beach Baby

5. We’ve also been going to the beach or splash pad almost everyday because it’s hot and we can. The camp life can be hard at times, but there are definitely job perks!

So those are 5 things I’m loving this week! Hope you have an amazing end to the week and fabulous weekend!

Have any fun weekend plans?  Do you prefer a lake, pool, or splash pad for summer fun?

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  1. I really hate when people ask me this. And I hear it constantly, like there is no other possible way to make conversation with someone.

    I don’t want to admit to my total lack of social life. It’s getting to the point where I feel like maybe I should to start making stuff up. I feel like a total loser every time I say “oh, no plans yet, just going to relax this weekend”, or “Yeah, I’m working all weekend, what a drag”.

    Just wanted to see if I’m alone…or if anyone knows a good way out of actually answering this question.

    1. Hmm, that’s an interesting twist on the question. I think it is generally a small-talk sort of question, but I DO genuinely like to hear what people are up to–sometimes it gives me a fun idea for our weekend! Like you, our plans are usually pretty low key (two kids under three and a preggo lady pretty much guarantees that!) like going to the farmers market or hanging out in our neighborhood or a family gathering. But making up wild and exciting plans is always an idea. 😉

  2. Thought your question was fine! I went to a wedding this weekend in Salt Lake City with just the husband. It was such a wonderful time. Hiking in the rockies was BIG hit! My husband and I can’t stop talking about it.
    We are LAKE people for sure, Nathen’s grandma has a big ole’ lake house that it is a must to hang out there every weekend… I never grew up this way but I do enjoy it NOW! And what a “cheap” hang out for a family with 5 kids to do every weekend. It is great to see the kids enjoy water skiing, tubing, swimming and wave runners.
    I love those sunglasses you posted… did you buy them?


    1. I saw that you were in Utah! How amazing! My sister LOVES it there! I’m also a big fan of the lake and yes, so easy for summer fun with kiddos!

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