Friday Loves: Bling and Books

Happy Friday!! Enjoy my loves from the interwebs and everyday life! Welcome to Friday Loves: Bling and Books

Loves from the Interwebs…

How I’m Losing Weight (Again) – Love Cassie’s blog and her outlook on food, fitness, and body image. I would say this is the best blog post I’ve read about weight loss while respecting and loving the body you have, with some good tips for making progress in weight loss thrown in.

Ultimate Tips for Weight Loss Using MyFitnessPal – Useful info on setting up your myfitnesspal and using it for weight loss. I don’t want to give away any of the tips, but these will definitely help you to not overestimate your calorie burn.

extender chiffon

Grace & Lace Extenders – These little nifty things add length and texture to tops making them long enough for leggings or even doubling as a skirt with boots. So cute! I almost always wear a camisole under all my tops and these are soo pretty!

Still Being Molly – So while looking at some style posts (trying to figure out how to style Lularoe pieces for a non-pattern-y girl) on pinterest I happened across this blog, Still Being Molly. And it was one of those light bulb blog moments where you feel like you really “know” the writer and think she’s the coolest and want to be her friend. I particularly enjoy her fashion posts and her ethical brand directory!

Life Loves…

Barrett has started legit crawling. *cue mama sobs* *cue frantic baby proofing* He is such a cutie and so proud of himself for being able to go after what he wants. boobear

January weather has settled on us so we are loving all the indoor things to keep busy…play dough, crafts, long bathtimes, Netflix, and lots of book reading.

Speaking of reading, I read this very intriguing book, Cover of Snow in like 8 hours one evening. It was pretty gripping. I also read The Undoing of Saint Silvanus recently and while not quite as fast-paced it was a good read and very nuanced. I didn’t make an official book list of books I want to read this year, but I love reading and just going with the flow of what interests me at the moment. I’ve heard really great things about Present Over Perfect and want to read it soon!

Also, I don’t think I mentioned this yet, but my sister is engaged!!! It’s been super-fun to be involved in planning  and helping her with fun wedding stuff! Last weekend we went wedding dress shopping and she found a gorgeous dress! Her day is going to be amazing!


I’m very grateful this time of year for the fairly extensive workout dvd collection I have! I’ve been doing Piyo and 21 Day Fix while also throwing in some Barre workouts too! Got to love working out inside when it’s cold outside!

Hope you enjoy your weekend! Tell me one thing you are loving this week! 

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