Friday Loves: Choosing Joy

Happy Weekend! This week has been a lot of ups and downs with fun moments, stressful moments, and bummer moments (sprained ankle). But through it all I have been reminding myself to Choose Joy. I can choose to be down because I can’t workout, can’t get around as well, am in pain or I can choose to celebrate the extra couch snuggles with Layla, friends and family offering help, and the “quiet things” I have finally been able to get to this week. choose joy



  • Speaking of oatmeal this Brownie Batter Overnight Oats recipe sounds like a fantastic way to keep the oatmeal party going.
  • 5 Glute Exercises to Add to Your Workout–I kind of love working my glutes! The bulgarian split squats are killer!
  • In case you need any Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas check out this post and if you need help navigating the candy influx you need How to NOT Eat All the Candy at Halloween.
  • And speaking of Halloween how cute was our family Halloween costume? We are Layla’s favorite youtube video, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • family halloween We hosted our annual pumpkin carving party on Monday night and it was a fun time with lots of friends. We decided to take the easy road with our carving this year and got Layla these little stickers for her pumpkin. Adorable, right? She loves it! And it was so simple. We decided we needed simple this year.

fampumpkin carving

  • My ankle is healing well since it’s sprain last Saturday. I probably was on it too much running errands yesterday, but I feel like I’ll be back 100% by next week. I just have some bruising and tenderness now. A big thanks to my mom for bringing us some meals for this week so I didn’t have to be on my feet as much.
  • Finally I will leave you with this reminder for the weekend:


Let’s choose joy together!

What’s one thing that has brought you JOY today? 

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