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Friday Loves: July 5th Edition

Hey there! How was your 4th?  Ours was pretty laid back…slept in, hung out, ate dinner, watched fireworks.


Mostly just chilling all day. So yes, I loved my laid back fourth, but I’m also loving some other things this week like…

Lessons of My Fitness Self blog post by Tina Reale.  I think understanding how and why we work out is essential to our success.  I NEED to have an intense training plan otherwise I don’t stick to it. Tina mentioned that she has a hard time sticking to a workout plan that repeats the same workout because she gets bored. It’s just interesting to see how we’re all wired differently and that’s okay.

Best Abs Exercises for Pregnancy with Biggest Loser Trainer Brett Hoebel from BEX Life. (No, this isn’t an announcement, mom.) I really like this video and the simple ways he explained how to condition your abs before, during, and after pregnancy.  So much stuff that I’ve never thought of and will be super-helpful to mommas and my future self.

Thanks to the power of Pinterest I also found these babies…Campfire Beer Pancakes. Ha! I just love that and I’m not even a beer person. You can also make them with non-alcoholic beer or crème soda or some other yummy carbonated beverage. Makes me want to go camping. 

Have you seen any of the reviews floating around for the Mizuno Wave Sayonara shoes? Omigosh they’re beautiful and I want some. Must. Resist.

But if I did get those shoes, I would be super-fast so until then I can work on my speed with this Speedy Summer Fun interval workout from CrazyRunningGirl.com. 

And finally, to make your mouth water (because I have had this in the flesh and it is mind blowing) Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp from my friend Ashley of Joyful, Thrifty Home.  The stuff is to die for.

How about you? What is one thing you love this week?

How was your fourth? Did you do something special or were you lazy like me?

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  1. Hey Katie, thanks for featuring my recipe! My favorite part of the week was having my best friend and her husband over yesterday. I don’t get to see them a lot so it was fun. Those pancakes sound interesting. Neil and I got some camping gear as a wedding gift and in the three years we’ve been married have yet to actually take it camping, so maybe this year we will actually use it :).

    1. We should go camping sometime! We’ve only been twice, but we keep saying we’re going to go more often. 😛

    1. I know I have probably too many shoes, but they are SO pretty and I’m sure they will make me fast. 😛

  2. Great list of links! The rhubarb crisp sounds amazing. I have rhubarb in my fridge and some raspberries in the backyard…I bet I could use those!

    I am drooling over the new Mizuno shoes, too. I don’t even need new shoes, but…well heck that has never stopped me before I guess!!

    1. Agree! And that dessert is so good. You may need to add more sugar to the crisp if you use raspberries since they aren’t as sweet as strawberries.

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