Friday Loves May 15th Edition

Welcome to Friday!! Woohoo! I have a few loves to share with you again this week…

Friday Loves


Internet Loves:

1. Outfit Builder Grid: An Easy Way to Get Dressed Everyday–It really is so simple to go from blah mommy style to put together with just a few little tweaks. I need to get more statement necklaces and earrings to snazz up my outfits for summer.

2. Healthy Living Tips I Don’t Follow–Yup, I don’t do all the good things. And that’s okay.

3. 10 Fast Dinnertime Hacks–Some great tips! Hopefully I am not the only one who’s like “Crap! It’s 6 already!” every night.

4. Homemade Ranch Mix— I made up some of this ranch mix for two recipes. One was “meh” and the other rocked! (Coming Monday!) But it’s awesome to have from scratch ranch dip seasoning right in the cupboard.

healthy buffalo burgers with ground turkey and blue cheese

5. Forever 21 Activewear Picks for May–I didn’t even know Forever 21 had activewear! I’m all about the cheap fitness gear!

Bonus!! My favorite post from Kate Moving Forward this week is this one>>>How to Find the Time to Workout.

Life Loves:

1. We had a great last MOPS meeting on Thursday–we had a total pampering spa day complete with massages, manicures, and a date night craft jar! I was a little trepidatious before joining, but I’m so grateful that I did!

2. Nate and I are doing another Advocare 24 Day Challenge. We need the reset. The clean. I need structure, but not micromanagement. I need more progress than I’ve been getting on Weight Watchers. I’m excited that we are doing this together again! The challenge is lots of clean eats, water, supportive supplements, and SPARK. Ha! I’ve been cheating on coffee with Spark.

Drink the spark!

3. My Elite Blog Academy class is going well! This week one of our assignment is to get feedback on the design of our blogs. So…er…what do you think? Specifically…

  1. What do you like about the design? What don’t you like?
  2. Does the navigation make sense? Can you find what you are looking for?
  3. What stands out the most to you?
  4. Are the fonts & graphics appealing and easy to read?

Thanks in advance for your help! It would be silly to have a blog that is confusing to you, the sweet people I want to be reading it!

4. Running. Eep! You guys my 5K is a week away! I am so excited/nervous! I want to crush it. I’ve been running and running, well at least it seems like it.



5. I’m also really loving my new Garmin VivoSmart I got for Mother’s Day! It’s really been challenging me to MOVE more–take the long way around, dance in the kitchen and just be more active. I love competing with myself for more steps!

What are you loving this week? 

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  1. Thanks for those links! My favs are the 10 fast dinner hacks (yes i have eggs like 9 times out of 10 for dinner haha) and the F21 activewear! I need to get on that fast

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