Friday Loves: Nourish Your Soul

Happy Friday!!

How has your week been? Last night Nate gave me the opportunity to sneak off by myself for a bit. I went to Barnes and Noble and strolled around with my Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. All by myself. It was splendid. I didn’t get my phone out, just browsed there, made a couple notes of new books that interested me, and then stopped at Ulta and TJ Maxx too, just to make sure they didn’t have anything I needed, needed. 🙂

It’s funny how just a couple hours of “me time” gives me space to think, breathe, and be myself outside of being the laundry folder, diaper changer, floor sweeper, and nose wiper. It can be hard to carve out those moments to refind and nurture yourself. It can SEEM easier to just keep plowing through, nourishing your soul (however works best for you) is well worth it. I’m thankful for my sweet husband who made time to make my mini getaway possible.

Nourish Your Soul

And now on to some fun Friday Loves (yes, I already have Christmas on the brain!)

Pre-Christmas Christmas List… 

I wouldn’t kick any of these out of my Christmas stocking….

  • These brilliant bedcovers–They zip up. Maybe I would actually make my bed. Seriously, I need to start making my bed.
  • Kristen Scmucker’s Psalm 119 Bundle which includes a gorgeous print, Bible study, verse cards, and mug. I also adore this He is Good mug too! Also, I’m loving the #lampandlightphotochallenge from Kristen on instagram! Join in the fun and follow me on Instagram to see my challenge posts!
  • When my brother introduced Nate and I into this Munchkin game during family vacation, I was skeptical. But I really like it! It’s a nerdy, funny, role playing type of game, but one that you catch on to quickly. (It helps that the last time we played I WON!!)
  • Who else is excited about the new Star Wars coming out in December?! Layla clearly needs some Star Wars gear and this adorable Chewbacca shirt would be perfect….or maybe this “It’s Useless to Resist” shirt…too many cute choices!


  • And I would put all of my treasures in these awesome stockings that I’ve been obsessing over…they’re 20% off right now, but I’m waiting till we know Baby #2’s gender to bite the bullet and buy them!

Other Good Stuff from Around the Webs…

Surviving Holiday Stress

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Hope you have a great weekend! Do something that nourishes YOU.

What are you loving this week? 

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