Goal Setting Worksheet to Help You Chase Vibrance

The new year is a time to start fresh with new resolutions or goals for your life. I love the fresh slate of a new year and a time to really process the past year and set up my goal planning for the new year.

I use a goal setting worksheet to help me reflect on the past and plan ahead for new goals in the upcoming year!

Goal planning worksheet on ipad with confetti and pink notebook

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Printable goal setting worksheet sign up graphic with woman writing and large ipad

How to use this Goal Setting Worksheet

Choose your location for goal planning wisely

Try to get away for some quiet time and space to consider the past and plan ahead. Grab a journal and my printable goal setting worksheet and reflective questions!

Sometimes I like to have my thoughts in a physical journal so I can look back on long term and a printed version to post in a conspicuous place to keep me accountable. Get cozy with a mug of hot tea or coffee, some colorful pens, and some soothing music.

Spend time reflecting on the past

While I love diving right into setting high and lofty goals it is so important to pause and consider the past year. So in that spirit I have created some questions to ponder as you look back and help you with setting purposeful resolutions for the new year!

These questions will definitely help, because it seems a little silly to jump to the future without considering the past.

  • What worked for you last year?
  • What went well?
  • What distracted you?
  • How do you want the next year to be different or the same?

Take time to acknowledge both your accomplishments and the good times as well as the failures and hard times. 

Reflective Questions for Vibrant Goal Setting

Dream about the future possibilities

Confession time: I’m not the best dreamer. I’m often too practical for my own good. But I’m working at dreaming again, thinking about what I really want in my life, no matter how far-fetched it may seem.

Think wildly about the calling God has on your life, what dreams He has placed in your head, passions in your heart, and talents in your hands. 

What lights you up friend? What fires you up, makes you feel vibrant and alive?


Write down your goals using the goal setting worksheet

This is pretty self explanatory. Take the time to put your goals down using pen to paper. This is the first step of turning your dreams into reality! I always use a notebook paper to kind of rough draft my goals for the year before solidifying my goals and putting them down on the goal setting worksheet I’ll refer back to throughout the year!

Be as specific and measurable as you can when you write down your goals. Not “get healthy” but “run a 10K on Memorial Day” or “write down my food everyday for 30 days.” Instead of “travel more” choose “take 1 family vacation and 1 couples weekend getaway this year”.

Goal Setting Worksheet

How to Turn Your Goals into Reality

Break down your goal into measurable steps.

Now take your goal and add some action steps to it.

  • What do you need to do this month do you reach your yearly goal?
  • What do you need to do this week to reach your monthly goal?
  • What do you need to do each day to reach your weekly goal?

Make your daily things so-so-so small that you can’t talk yourself out of them! (This is a concept from the book I highly recommend called The Compound Effect)

What are the little things you are going to do to reach your goals?

So for me a big goal this year is losing weight so my goal breaks down like this…

Lose 60 pounds by the end of the year. (5 pounds a month)

  • Workout 4 times a week
      • Schedule childcare at gym on Mondays
      • Buy new running shoes
  • Drink 80 ounces of water a day
  • Sleep 7 or more hours every night
  • Track my food in MyFitnessPal

You may also want to add in tasks to do before starting your goal (like the buying new running shoes or signing up for a meal plan service). Of course you can apply this method to any goal such as paying off debt or strengthening your marriage.

Just break your goal down.

For paying off debt, start with a January goal of checking your bank account every day and writing down a budget. For a healthier marriage, write one positive thing down about your spouse everyday and schedule a monthly date night.

Small actions compound over time and add up to huge actions.

That’s why I added my daily journaling pages, habit tracker and gratitude record to the goal setting worksheet in 2021. These tools will help keep your goals front of mind and keep you focused on the *small* changes you need to implement everyday to keep moving forward.

mock up of vibrant new year bundle worksheets

Goal Setting Worksheet to help you chase vibrance - I'm so excited to use this tool to set + achieve my goals in 2020!! Love the printable reflective questions to help guide me! Click to Tweet

When it comes to breaking your goal(s) down into actionable steps a planner is hugely helpful! I like ones that have monthly goal setting and reflections areas so you keep your 2020 goals in sight as the year progresses!

My current planner is a Wellness Planner I got at Aldi, but this is a great basic one to consider or this specific wellness tracker just for your fitness and health goals!


Woman looking at paper with text overlay how to set and achieve vibrant goals

Set Rewards to Keep You Motivated and Progressing

Who doesn’t like a gold star for finishing a goal? I like to build small rewards into big goals like a mani-pedi for losing 10 pounds or paying off a certain amount of debt or staying sugar-free for a month. Here are 155 great ideas for rewarding yourself!

You can also challenge someone and have a consequence for the loser…like the first one to drink pop has to donate $100 to the other person’s charity of choice or fold the laundry for a month.

Just remember in this to have FUN and enjoy the journey! This will also help determine what types of things motivate you and you can incorporate them into other goals and challenges.

Look for an accountability partner or method of accountability

This can be an online forum, an instagram page you start specifically for a wellness or debt free journey, a best friend you text, or a coach you hire! Tell people about your goals and ask them to help hold you accountable.

Tweak your goals as you go

It’s awesome to have a plan, but sometimes the plan changes. One year I spent a day around my 30th birthday writing down my goals and plans for the year in a quiet coffee shop. It was wonderful and so “me” to have the time and space to plan and dream.

And then…dun,dun,dun…I found out I was pregnant! That wasn’t in my plan at all! And yes, it totally shifted my year and my goals and everything. Which is totally normal and healthy.

In April you may change jobs or move or be presented with a health challenge or any number of things that will mean you need to adapt your goals.

Don’t sweat the changes, life is change.

You can’t foresee everything in the future. Just adjust your sails (a little bit or a lot bit) and keep moving forward.Printable goal setting worksheet sign up graphic with woman writing and large ipad

A new year is a new chance to reflect on the past and make plans and goals for the future. It is definitely worth it to take the time to set thoughtful and achievable goals AND the steps to reach them! Don’t forget to print your goal setting worksheet to help your goal planning for the new year be more intentional and focused than ever!

Happy Goal Setting!

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