Grab Some Wings!

Hey! So remember how I re-shot the delicious Pumpkin Coffee Cake recipe a few weeks ago?  And how good it looked compared to the before image?

Light Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Well I actually have a whole list of recipe photos I am taking again with our DSLR camera and (hopefully) better photography and editing skills.

Today I wanted to re-share this Healthy Boneless Buffalo Wings recipe with you!  These wings are finger-lickin’ good and the picture just wasn’t doing them justice! Here’s the “After” shot…

Boneless Buffalo Wings made healthier! Perfect for game night!

Yum! Don’t you just want to EAT THEM ALL! Haha! I also tweaked a few things in the recipe that I’ve learned from making a couple dozen times as well. These wings actually taste even better as leftovers because the flavor has really soaked in.

I think the biggest part of improving my photography has been lighting. I have no fancy lighting equipment so I MUST SHOOT IN THE LIGHT.  The gorgeous morning light during Layla’s nap is perfect. I also save inspiration photos of recipes I think are photographed well for inspiration on angles and shot setup.  And I’ve read a LOT of photography tutorials. Here is the “Before” shot…


Night and day, right? Actually, that’s pretty close to the truth–After was shot in the morning light and Before was shot in kitchen overhead lighting at night. *Cringe* And the plating was bad. I mean really bad. The wings look yummy, but the rest looks blech. Anyways…amazing what you can learn when you put your mind to it! 

And I’m still learning! I feel really comfortable in auto (no flash, normally) mode on our camera but really need to learn more to master the manual settings. But it’s really fun to see the improvement between these two pictures! So go grab some boneless wings (and the new pretty pictures) and don’t be afraid to learn something new today!

What have you learned recently? A new skill? Information?  

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