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Boost Your Metabolism the Right Way

“I’m fat because I have a slow metabolism”

“If I had her metabolism, I’d look like that too”

Of course boosting your metabolism seems like an easy fix to losing weight. Just  increase your metabolism, in any way possible, and watch the pounds melt away! Definitely not. And ESPECIALLY don’t click on one of those ads claiming to have the latest metabolism boosting supplement that will help you drop 20 pounds in 5 days. *sketchy* There are smart, proven, healthy ways to boost your metabolism–let’s check them out!

Boost Your Metabolism the RIGHT Way!

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1.) Build muscle—Hitting the weights is going to build muscle which in turn is going to rev your metabolism and burn fat faster. So go grab some dumbbells and build some guns! My favorite strength training book is The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises–it has so many moves, pictures + explanations, full workouts by the best trainers, eating tips, and more!

2.) High intensity intervals—In addition to hitting the weights, incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your workouts. HIIT workouts involve doing an exercise at 80-90% of your maximum effort for a short period of time (20 seconds-2 minutes), followed by a recovery period (10 seconds-2 minutes). This is a type of workout that is not for a beginner, but it is very effective. HIIT increases your “afterburn” effect meaning your metabolism stays elevated longer after you’ve worked out and longer than if you performed steady state cardio (like running at the same pace for 45 minutes). For a complete guide to HIIT Training check out this book or this blog post.

3.) Stay hydrated—Drinking water is going to help with a lot of things as you lose weight, but just processing that water will help keep your metabolism rolling! Try to keep a water bottle or cup filled up and with you at all times.

drink your water to keep bloat at bay!

4.) Caffeine—Grab that cup of coffee or green tea! Caffeine elevates your metabolism, but watch out for over-caffeinating (1-2 cups of coffee or tea is perfect) and sugary add-ons. You aren’t gong to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way drinking red bulls or double-shot espressos!

5.) Eating —Eating in general (duh!) and especially eating small meals throughout the day keeps your system revved. If mini-meals aren’t your thing just be sure to eat a small balanced snack like almonds and an apple or hummus and carrots between meals. Bonus points for staving off the hangry monster at the same time! Definitely be sure to eat breakfast which acts like your metabolism’s alarm clock signaling it’s time to get moving!

Muffins for breakfast!

6.) Eating certain foods—Grapefruit, chili peppers, fish, protein, and whole, unrefined foods have all been linked to increasing your metabolism. Don’t be silly and go on the grapefruit diet —just incorporate them more often into your healthy diet. And if you don’t like fish (like me!) taking a fish oil supplement can work as well.

7.) Sleep—I was completely surprised while listening to Jillian Michael’s podcast to hear her say she would skip a workout in favor of getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night! Getting a proper night’s sleep will not only boost your metabolism, but will leave you well rested to make better choices all day long.

Which of these right ways to boost your metabolism will you try this week? I need to be more intentional about drinking my agua!

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  1. Muscle & Protein – those are my metabolism boosters… Salmon FEEDS my muscles and revs my metabolism for sure, that’s why I eat like 20 pounds of salmon in a sitting and I am good to go! LOL

    1. I’m not a big fish fan, but salmon is like a super-food so I should get into it more. I think I’m not very good at cooking fish or maybe it’s the quality of the fish I’ve bought. Probably a little of both. 😉 I’m glad you’re eating enough for me!

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