Gull Lake 2012 Recap

We had a wonderful, relaxing, fun time at Gull Lake! We always do!

Gull Lake 2012 Recap

To give you the breakdown of the day, each morning we heard from Bible Teacher Ron Kopicko of Spring Arbor University and a mission organization building sustainable wells in the Central African Republic from 10-12. (Kids go to separate, age specific, high-energy programs with awesome college-aged counselors)
Everyday a different family team made and cleaned up lunch so no one got too stressed about fixing meals. (Breakfast was always “on your own”).  From lunch to dinner we hung out, napped, played football, biked, bowled, stared at the lake, went to the splash pad, played volleyball or basketball—there was basically tons to do or you could do nothing at all!
At 6:00 all the families at camp come together for either a theme night or adult banquet.  The theme nights this week were Mexicana Extravaganza, Ozark Mountain Jamboree, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and Stars and Stripes.  You could dress in theme (we never really did) and they had programming and games that went along with each theme.  During adult banquets the kids eat dinner with their age group and counselors while the adults (yay being an adult!) get fancy schmancy food in a “grown-up atmosphere.”    Sometimes in the evenings we had speaker sessions as well or family hang out time.  We also brought quite a few games and my family LOVES to play euchre.
While it was a very relaxing vacation it was also very active…
The 12 Mile Bike ride was awesome!! Nate, Josh, and I rode it together; and I had never rode that far before and my legs were not fresh due to my weight workout the day before. (The camp has a an elevated track with a small workout area that I used to get an “actual workout” in.)  It was tough and there were a couple big hills, but it was great to set a challenge, accomplish it, and actually enjoy doing it!
So fun!  So that concludes our Gull Lake 2012 Recap!

Sort of!! Actually Nate is volunteering the next two weeks at Gull Lake because they are pretty short-staffed due to various issues.  So he left this morning with Becca to be on staff again!  Please pray for him, physically and spiritually, if you think about it. While I’m sad that he’s going to be gone, I’m excited to see how God works in this time and that I get to spend next weekend at Gull Lake again!

Live Happy!

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  1. Welcome back Kate! I'm glad you had such a great time – and it looks like a great initiative to be involved with.

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