A Life of Labor: What I’ve Learned from Working

Today is a Labor Day–a day to celebrate America’s working force.  I’ve been working for awhile. And I’m thankful for each and every thing my work has taught me. So here’s a little taste of my working history and what I’ve learned from working along the way…

  • Picking strawberries– taught me that there is nothing wrong with hard work. And begun an intense love affair with strawberries.
  • Babysitting–taught me patience and how to keep kids alive for a couple hours.
  • Waitress at a coffee shop–this was one of my favorite jobs ever. I worked for fun people in a fun place and I made good tips. I learned to multitask (really, really well), make good coffee, customer service skills, and how to talk to anyone.
  • Public Safety Officer (at college)–taught me to look both ways before crossing the street. And that any job is fun when you have friends.
  • Custodial worker (at college)–taught me that work is work. And you work when you can. And to be nice to people who clean things.
  • Bookstore clerk (at college)–I learned there is always something to do and that taking time to take care of the little things matters.
  • Camp Counselor–I learned to serve joyfully and that all work is service to God. Making pancakes for a crowd as a camp counselor!
  • House cleaner (at college)–I learned (once again) that you are never too good for a job and how to clean a house really well.
  • Secretary at Construction firm–I learned how to do a lot of office things and to do
  • Director of Laredo Life Center (a nonprofit pregnancy resource center)–taught me so many things like resourcefulness, organization, networking, asking for money, empowering volunteers, planning events, writing a newsletter, compassion, releasing control, and what helping others really looks like. Wonderful volunteers at the Life Center
  • Hobby Lobby floral section–how to make mums (aka giant floral ribbons made with tons of hot glue) and to get along with coworkers who were petty.
  • Children’s Ministry Administrator–I LOVED this job. And it was such a perfect blessing to my life at a really hard time. I learned so much about ministry, building an effective team, and leadership.
  • Child Adolescent Rehabilitation Services Provider (longest job title ever!)–I learned about patience, helping people, good parenting, respect, and motivating others.
  • Executive Assistant–I’ve learned to relax, always go the extra mile, and lean on your team. “Work day” at a camp retreat
  • Blogger–I’ve found “my voice”, learned to be okay with rejection, a little bit about photography, and a lot about myself.
  • Parent–The best job. : ) I’ve learned patience, endurance, to slow down, to laugh more, responsibility, communication with your “team”, to trust God more fully, and just a million good things.

Best Job.

I’ve held a lot of jobs over the years! I’m thankful for what each one has taught me and the amazing friends and memories I have made along the way! What I’ve learned from working has me truly grateful.

What is the wackiest job you’ve ever had? Your favorite job? 

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