8 Healthy Gas Station Snacks To Give You Energy On the Road!  

Healthy gas station snacks are few and far between! Some other places may try to fool you into some “healthy” food, but the gas station—the gas station is all about quick snacks, sugary cravings, salty cravings and cheap eats. No vague healthy notions about it!

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I know, in a perfect world you would have a packed cooler of snacks at all times in your car filled with nutritious stuff to nosh on during your road trip, rush hour, or whenever that hungry feeling strikes. But I don’t live in a perfect world. (Maybe you do. Invite me over sometime to your pool with a big screen that comes out from behind the fireplace and the on-call masseuse!)

I’m not here to judge you (as long as you don’t judge me) for roaming the gas station aisles looking for a snack.  But I don’t want you to blow your healthy eating on cheeetos and extra-large sugar-laden lattes…. Instead, I want to know my options, make smart choices and know that healthy eating at a gas station is not a fantasy!!

8 Healthy Gas Station Snacks To Give You Energy On the Road!

1.   Nuts


One thing there is no shortage of at the gas station is nuts.  You can get almonds, mixed nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds—you name it, it’s probably there. Try to go for the unsalted versions if you can find them. A secondary option is to get trail mix, but it is very high in calories so get a small package! It’s super filling!

2. Pre-packaged Salad

Grabbing a pre-packaged salad for a healthy snack or meal at a gas station is a great option. I’d be SURE to check the packaged and expiration date on each one carefully though! Any greens are great to get while out and about!

3. Fruit


Lots of gas stations have a basket on the counter of basic fruit like apples, oranges, and bananas. I’d go for something you can peel—orange or banana—over a thin-skinned fruit like apples or grapes (because it’s still a gas station). Many larger stations also have mixed fruit cups of fresh fruit available too!

4. Pretzels OR Baked Chips


Not the best option, but a decent road snack—look for whole grain and low salt versions. Lays has some great brands and flavors of baked chips that Subway has me addicted to!  Pick a small bag if you know you have issues with self control. I know I’ve definitely been driving along munching and then all the sudden ate a whole bag of something! Oops!

5. belVita Biscuits


I was impressed to see this healthy breakfast crackers at the gas station! They pack some impressive nutritional stats like:

    • 18-20 grams of whole grain
    • 3 grams of dietary fiber*
    • A good source of four B vitamins and iron

Additionally, belVita Breakfast Biscuits contain no high-fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils (0 grams of trans fat per labeled serving), and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. A great option for an on-the-go and filling snack!

6. Whole Food Snack Bar

I’m a big fan of bars, but some of the ingredients are a little questionable. I really love Larabars! Epic bars are a little less exciting to me, but they are very filling and have clean or “real food” ingredients. They may be a little more pricy than what you get a the grocery store, but they are a great healthy snack or breakfast option while on the road!

7. Healthy Drinks at Gas Stations



Let’s be real. The smartest thing to buy is plain water. Or maybe milk if you can handle milk. Skip the smoothies and faux healthy drinks.  I have been suckered into one too many 3 serving “healthy” drinks that are over 500 calories and have tons of sugar and fake crap. Just do yourself a favor and skip it.

And speaking of things to skip over—bypass the pop. I know, I struggle too. I’m trying to make pop a special occasion drink that I only have when Nate and I have a pizza date night.

The rest of the time I stick to water or unsweetened ice tea. Call me a sucker, but I am obsessed with sparkling water like LaCroix! Plus by drinking water you’ll stay hydrated on the road and arrive at your destination an all around happier, healthier person!

8 Healthy Gas Station Snacks

So there are my healthy eating at a gas station suggestions! I found all of these healthy options at a small, local convenience store; I’m sure bigger stores would have even more options! Keep these snack ideas in mind when you need to choose healthy options at a gas station or convenience store.

While you’re out on the road and looking for healthier eating options be sure to check out Healthy Eating at Qdoba and Healthy Eating at Steak n’ Shake!

What’s your favorite road trip snack?  I like pretzels a lot!

What’s the worst thing you ever ate a gas station? For me, Probably those double or triple shot starbucks espresso drinks I used to fuel my trips back and forth to South Carolina in college! Yikes!

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  1. Great post Kate. I wish that gas stations carried more variety for healthy options, but I have noticed that more of them are now carrying some great things to choose from. I usually get a water and pretzels.

  2. Great tips! I am all about the pretzels when I hit the roads. Or if it’s a grocery store like Sheetz, Wawa, or Royal Farms, they have yogurts, salads, wraps, etc!

    1. Yeah, some gas stations are practically Wal-Marts!! You just can’t use being at a gas station as an excuse for eating krispy kreme and doritos!

  3. Be sure to watch serving sizes on some packaging. I once bought a small bag of the Snyder of Hanover honey mustard pretzel pieces. At first glance it seemed like a good choice, but when I looked more carefully each serving size was 1/3 cup, and there were 4 servings in the bag. It is very hard to limit yourself to 1/3 cup. (I actually ate what I estimated to be one serving and then threw the bag out the window so I wouldn’t be tempted

  4. I like Kar’s trail mix. Keeps me feeling really full without having to eat very much.

    Also, I love seeing someone else call it pop! I miss Michigan SOOOOO much!!

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