Healthy Vacation Tips and Weight Watchers Week 9

Well this week my weight loss went better than I expected. Due to all the yummy food I ate over the weekend (#noregrets) and not tracking faithfully I would have been happy to not gain.

Weight Watchers Week nine

So I’m thankful for a 0.6 loss!  Even though I indulged more than I should this week or at least didn’t track it I think I did a few things right which still contributed to seeing a loss on the scale.

1. I worked out. I did 5 days of workouts this week and made them count! Running, weight lifting, HIIT sessions, plus walking and just general movement. Staying in motion is key!

2. I made my treats count. Who wants a malted easter egg when there is homemade cherry pie around? I ate one tiny egg and that was all the candy for me. I knew there was going to be some worth-it treats so it was easy for me to pass on anything that wasn’t really yummy and awesome.

3. I (tried) to eat nutritious food like I normally would. Pizza? Yes. Whole wheat crust and loaded with veggies? Yes.

Happy girl

We are planning on going on vacation soon and I’m going to incorporate these tips as overall principles for our vacation. I don’t want to be “that person” who eats a salad at the best barbecue joint in Mempis, but I also don’t want to come back heavier than I started.

It’s easy for me to get sucked into all or nothing thinking. Either I’ve blown it and “oh well, eat everything in sight” or “I have to be on point all the time, in every detail”. Looking at the “I’ve blown it” times as learning experiences–asking myself “What did I learn?” and “What can I do different next time?” helps me so those as just another step on my journey to success.

Happy Hump Day! Fill those mugs with coffee and press on friends!

How do you deal with vacations and holiday weekends? 

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