Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

So yesterday I got my Suzie Homemaker on and made homemade bread!
I had seen this on Pinterest and wanted to see if it 1.) Tasted awesome 2.) Lived up to the the 1 hour claim.

If you want to check out the recipe yourself head over to Raising Arrows for the recipe!
The last time I made bread it did not turn out well, so I was nervous!
I was hoping for better success this time around! (The real tip is to avoid baking for 3+ hours!!!)   Okay so some photo highlights…
Things got a little yeasty. It kind of freaked me out.
I actually made three shapes of bread. Rolls, regular loaf, and “flatter loaf” for things like garlic bread or just to clean up the edges of pasta or chili.
All the goodness…I think a definite improvement from my first loaf!
In the interest of full disclosure I forgot to add the salt.  So it’s not out of this world tasty, but slap a little apple butter on it and you’d never know.
Also, I did let it rise for a half hour not just 10 minutes because it was not appropriately fluffy (at least for my tastes).  So that increased the time to maybe an hour and a half.  I think next time I might let the bread rise post kneading as well to see if it could get a little higher; it would extend the process time, but it doesn’t involve any extra work.  Excellent!
I would recommend this recipe—it uses all unprocessed food and is a hearty, multi-purpose bread recipe!  Just be sure to follow the directions carefully! haha! Winking smile
Have you ever tried baking bread?  Do you have a recipe you would recommend?

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  1. Oh wow – congratulations! I am sure you'll have great fun experimenting with baking 🙂 It is such a rewarding process, and you might even motivate me to do it again (I go through stages and I haven't baked actual bread for months and months now!).

  2. There is nothing like homemade bread. I have a recipe somewhere that my mom gave me for a french loaf that is pretty tasty and easy to make.

  3. Yeah, I'm looking for a job in our new city so I have lots of time on my hands for these types of adventures! 😉 A warm slice of homemade bread is truly amazing though!

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